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Thread: ozfortress Head Administrator Changes
skaz Retired League Admin

If Ozfortress Goes Through With This They WIll be Losing One Of Their Most IMportant and Valuiable Community Members.....

Thread: House of Cards win OZF 31 Intermediate!
skaz Retired League Admin

Congratulations Intermediate winners House of Cards


Reckoner - 2 - 1
Clearcut - 3 - 1
Match Thread

Congratulations to House of Cards on winning the OZF 31 Intermediate Grand Final against Penny Traders.

After a mostly dominant season dropping only three maps over the course of the nine matches played, House of Cards triumphed in the final over Penny Traders.

The first map of the final saw the teams fight it out on Reckoner. The opening mid went fairly convincingly to House of Cards before they settled down to try and find an angle for mayyy to get a pick on Sniper. After a semi successful Sniper attempt, House of Cards decided to try to coordinate a Spy play with a sack attempt from Shakey that managed to net them a drop from Ravu4. After a slight delay thanks to a Demoman pick from a Penny Traders Spy, House of Cards were able to take the first round of the match. The teams jousted back and forth for roughly another 13 minutes before House of Cards were able to claim their second round as a result of some over aggression from Penny Traders while defending their second. With just a minute seventeen left on the clock, Penny Traders were able to take a round back, but ultimately fell short, meaning House of Cards took Reckoner 2-1.

After losing their own map pick, Penny Traders were tasked with facing House of Cards on their map pick, Clearcut. Penny Traders came out swinging on Clearcut managing to wipe House of Cards on the first mid and securing the cap. After a minute thirty two they gave the point up to House of Cards but only for 42 seconds before Penny Traders were able to win it back and put themselves in pole position to take the first round of Clearcut. Despite losing round one, House of Cards came back strong to win the second round mid fight. Some well placed spam from House of Cards managed to get a kill on Lev, delaying the aggression from Penny Traders and eventually holding off their push and running their clock down to one minute three seconds before Penny Traders eventually managed to take the point back. House of Cards proved too strong in the later stages of round two and brought the match back to parity. Seemingly rejuvenated, House of Cards took the third midfight missing only the enemy medic pick which meant an even Uber fight ensued. Penny Traders won the fight convincingly and were able to hold the point for fifty seconds before a crucial pick from mayyy’s sniper opened Penny Traders up and allowed House of Cards to capitalize. mayyy’s presence on sniper was too much for Penny Traders to deal with in the third round and they eventually went 1-2 down.

As is so often the case, the scoreline doesn't really tell the whole story of the match. This game was the culmination of a whole season of frags and deaths, middies and misses, fat solos and catfish Ubers. Congratulations to House of Cards on winning ozfortress season 31 intermediate and commiserations to Penny Traders who so nearly made it all the way.

Written by Zildjian

Thank you to all the players, support staff, and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again very soon!


1st - House of Cards
2nd - Penny Traders
3rd - boys night out


Best Demoman: yuki
Best Medic: jane doe
Best Pocket: Yui
Best Roamer: Afroman
Best Combo Scout: shooter
Best Flank Scout: DeDstar
Best Utility: 2345y

Most Improved Player: undrex and Solres
Most Valuable Player: Yui

Friendliest Team: fast forward and Terrible Tactics
Most Improved Team: shoegaze haters
Best Dressed Team: fast forward
Best Caster: quid

Thread: ligma win OZF 30 Intermediate!
skaz Retired League Admin

Congratulations Intermediate winners ligma


Reckoner - 3 - 1
Process - 3 - 0
Match Thread

Congratulations to ligma on winning the OZF 30 Intermediate Grand Final against Flame Text Bandits.

The grand final kicked off with Reckoner picked by Flame Text Bandits. A super-fast rollout from Mack allowed Flame Text Bandits to get some early aggression, however, some great counter-play from ligma allowed them to wipe them on the mid-fight. Forcing Flame Text Bandits onto last with a few off-classes. A cheeky trap from Mack got a drop onto Harry allowing them to get out onto second and push into mid. What followed was a long back and forth with ligma pushing Flame Text Bandits all the way back to their last. Flame Text Bandits was able to push out into second where a long stalemate began to play out. It was not until about ten minutes into the first round that Flame Text Bandits was able to push all the way to last and win the round. A dominant second round came out from ligma rewarding them with their first round win. Leaving the scoreline tied at a 1 - 1. A slow start for ligma was on Reckoner, it was not until the later stages that they started getting wins. Reckoner finished up with a dominated showing from ligma with a score of 3 - 1.

The next map in the BO3 series was Process, ligma’s pick. People were curious how this map would play out seeing as ligma won Reckoner (a map they did not even pick). Going into the first round of Process it seemed to look very similar to Reckoner, however, a good slow middle fight from Flame Text Bandits awarded them the point. Flame Text Bandits looked strong going into the last push with their full Uber advantage. However, a massive shot from Tohka onto Mack was able to cripple their push and allowed ligma to get out of their last.

After seven minutes of process and Flame Text Bandits losing players at poor times, ligma were able to pick up three quick round wins. It seemed that Flame Text Bandits and ligma loved to just stick back and send in sacs, which is a great idea for ligma as they were three rounds up in only ten minutes. But Flame Text Bandits needed to pull a miracle, and they did attempt several. Lizrd-Wizrd and Donn were constantly going for sacs trying to get some kind of advantage, but it did make you wonder if they could try something else. A hopeful solo Uber push from alibastor and omni came through door two, but unfortunately, alibastor dropped to the sentry. After a slow rest of the map, the final score for Process was 3 - 0 crowing ligma your ozfortress season 30 Intermediate champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff, and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again very soon!


1st - ligma
2nd - Flame Text Bandits
3rd - allahzilla 2


Best Demoman: frydog
Best Medic: alibastor
Best Pocket: Donn
Best Roamer: Lizrd-Wizrd
Best Combo Scout: fez and Afroman
Best Flank Scout: kl
Best Utility: fez

Most Improved Player: a team of ants in their prime
Most Valuable Player: omni

Friendliest Team: Project a
Most Improved Team: ligma
Best Dressed Team: Flame Text Bandits
Best Caster: Ravu4 and snazzy

Thread: Terrible Tactics win OZF 29 Main!
skaz Retired League Admin

Congratulations Main winners Terrible Tactics


Product - 3 - 0
Sunshine - 3 - 2 GC
Match Thread

Congratulations to Terrible Tactics on winning the OZF 29 Main Grand Final against :cancer.

A dominant showing from Terrible Tactics in the Upper Page playoffs saw many predict that :cancer would not make it through the Semi-Final. However, a close match saw them take the victory sending them to the Grand Final against Terrible Tactics.

The match started with Product being picked by Terrible Tactics. The match began slowly with both teams scoping out the opposition on the mid-fight. It wasn’t until aggressive bombs from the soldier on :cancer that a team fight began. The fight was going great for :cancer as they were able to split up the players on Terrible Tactics. After receiving some heals from their Medic Ambrosia, they were able to stabilise, capture the point, and begin defending. It didn’t take long for Terrible Tactics to start aggressing. Having their Medic die in the previous fight meant they were on the backfoot and were looking for some opportunity to sac in their players. :cancer was doing a brilliant job of shutting down any kind of aggression from Terrible Tactics. After some time a team sac came in from Terrible Tactics but they were unsuccessful at getting the force they desperately needed causing a reset.

After some back and forth it didn’t take long for Terrible Tactics to start to dominate the map. Their defence seemed to stop aggression in every fight. Besides some promising aggression from the soldiers on :cancer it didn’t seem that :cancer could find their footing.

Product was taken 3 – 0 by Terrible Tactics with the help of some incredible Ubers by Wirthy and some great control on the flank from a team of ants in their prime.

Looking at the logs of the match it was very clear who were the stand out players. Optive, a team of ants in their prime, and Wirthy all put up some great numbers with nurf putting up some good numbers in the K/D department.

Going into Sunshine, the map picked by :cancer, there seemed to be a general consensus by the casters and players that it would be a lot slower, something that people thought would be a great assist for :cancer. In the first round, it was Spartan with a few great kills on a last push that secured a round for them. In the second round it was D-Fault’s pain train that was able to pick up a cheeky capture. D-Fault’s main calling was praised by the casters, and their skill with calling shows with a quick two rounds picked up by :cancer. In the third round, a pause was seen from Terrible Tactics as Wirthy was having some lag issues. Once the match resumed a dominant last push from Terrible Tactics to give them a round on the board bringing the map to 2-1 to :cancer.

In the 4th round, Terrible Tactics found themselves on the backfoot with quite a few off-classes, which they kept up for quite a while until they decided to start sending sacs which ended up being unsuccessful. It wasn’t until Terrible Tactics lost a team of ants in their prime and Optive in a botched sac did :cancer try to go for a push. Unfortunately :cancer were forced too early while trying to push into last, which converted into allow Terrible Tactics being push out of last.

Despite a few great plays by the players on :cancer, (D-Fault’s great sticky trap stopping a push from Terrible Tactics being one of them.) Terrible Tactics were able to pick up another round, bringing Sunshine to 2 – 2 and taking it to a golden cap.

Looking at the logs before the golden cap it’s quite obvious that :cancer were putting up much more of a fight than on Product, with juice and nurf putting up some great numbers.

The mid fight on the golden cap round was looking quite slow like their first mid-fight back on product.

Both teams doing the classic sunshine mid-fight strat of rotating around until something happens. It wasn’t until a team of ants in their prime attempted to go for a flank that damage really started coming out from both teams. Frags were traded back and forth until :cancer were able to clean up and grab the capture. With full Uber advantage, it was looking very promising for :cancer. Ambrosia was looking to give their teammates a good overheal before popping in through the left side, unfortunately dropping nurf in the process before D-Fault died post Uber. Terrible Tactics pushed back out of last with their full Uber advantage and had their eyes set on middle as well. After capturing mid they went for second but unfortunately lost the fight from a brilliant trade from :cancer. This reset the round so that Terrible Tactics had to defend their second. After a lot of classic golden cap back and forth, a bomb from a team of ants in their prime secured the Medic frag giving his team a huge Uber and player advantage. After a clean Uber push Terrible Tactics were able to win the round and pick up the golden cap securing sunshine, crowning them your ozfortress season 29 Main champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again very soon!


1st - Terrible Tactics
2nd - :cancer
3rd - chiken


Best Demoman: D-Fault
Best Medic: caspian
Best Pocket: jolson
Best Roamer: Big-Dad
Best Combo Scout: nurf
Best Flank Scout: Rogue
Best Utility: jolson and apa3

Most Improved Player: nurf and Desertbuggy
Most Valuable Player: nurf

Friendliest Team: open players
Most Improved Team: !misfits and Burnt Toast Gaming Junior
Best Dressed Team: Burnt Toast Gaming Junior
Best Caster: snazzy

Thread: open veterans win OZF 27 Main!
skaz Retired League Admin

Congratulations Main winners open veterans


Process - 5 - 1
Granary - 5 - 1

Congratulations to open veterans on winning the OZF 27 Main Grand Final against braincels2020.

The first map of the night was Process, the pick of open veterans. The first mid showed an early promising fight for braincels2020 before the aggression from the players on open veterans reminded us why they were the favourite going into this final, resulting in a quick two minute round with open veterans doubling the total frags of braincels 2020. The next round had similar results with open veterans wiping braincels 2020 in a dominant fashion. The following round saw braincels 2020 really show they can put up a fight despite the convincing play of open veterans with them taking a round in four minutes. Unfortunately the change of pace was immediately shut down with amazing performances from tanking and bann, and the map finished 5 – 1 in the favour of open veterans.

The next map was Granary, a change of mindset was really needed from the players on braincels 2020 if they were to bring it back. The map started of with a back and forth and a promising show of skill from the players on braincels 2020, with bumble putting out good damage onto 2345y. However it was not enough, as open veterans took the first few rounds with dominance. The forth round showed us a great showing of teamwork from braincels 2020 as they coordinated a double soldier bomb onto the combo of open veterans, however despite take their first round of the map just before it wasn’t enough as the dominant open veterans reclaimed their momentum and finished the match off with a 5 – 1 map win to become your ozfortress season 27 Main champions!.

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - open veterans
2nd - braincels2020
3rd - the gimpsons


Champions: open veterans
Best Demoman: 2345y
Best Medic: weed liz
Best Pocket: Sessal
Best Roamer: tokahontas and tanking
Best Pocket Scout: rats0up
Best Flank Scout: Hirast
Best Utility: adam

Most Improved Player: zias
Most Valuable Player: Tohka

Friendliest Team: bruh moment
Most Improved Team: Mad mayhem
Best Dressed Team: the gimpsons
Best Caster: Elmo.

Thread: Introducing Warzone: The ozfortress client
skaz Retired League Admin guys check this fat dub

Thread: State v State 2020 - Player Signups
skaz Retired League Admin

Your Discord ID: skaz#4670
Your State: SA
Your Preferred Classes: Scout > Roamer > Med
Preferred Role: Core, Sub

Thread: :thinking:
skaz Retired League Admin

enter image description here

Thread: League of Super Evil win OZF 23 Intermediate!
skaz Retired League Admin

gg boys incredible season from all teams