Sun Jul 21 07:05:36 2024 1 day ago

ozfortress Ban: Lain

The user below has received a Permanent Ban. This ban type will prevent them from using our services indefinitely. If you are found aiding this person in evading their ban, you will face hefty league bans.

Permanent Ban
Lain STEAM_0:1:94475789

This person has been permanently barred from all ozfortress properties due to severe breaches of our Community Guidelines.

Should any teams or groups within any ozfortress competitions be found housing the listed player, that team will be permanently banned from our competitions and all members involved will face hefty league bans.

Tue Jul 9 19:54:53 2024 13 days ago

ozfortress Ban: Xstroyer / largo

Ban Extension

Xstroyer STEAM_0:1:567280780
largo STEAM_0:1:803111720

The player above has been found using an alternate account to play within ozfortress. As such, this player's existing ban will be extended by a period of 1 year, after which they will be on permanent probation. If they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended.

Should ANY clans in ANY ozfortress competitions be found housing the listed players, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and all members involved will face severe penalties.

Mon Jun 24 19:06:53 2024 28 days ago

Highlander Winter '24 (S7) - Final Placements

Winter Banner


It wouldn't be an ozfortress season with out a few complications would it. Unfortunately due to one team dropping out prior to the start of the season we're back down 16 teams. Typically in a 16 team season we'd have two even divisions of 8 teams each. However, when looking into this we found that the skill difference between the 7th seeded Premier Division Team 50,000,000 Doctrine Fans Can't Be Wrong and the 1st seeded Main Division Team CONNECTICUT KIA BOYZ is too great and bring the Main team up into the Premier Division wouldn't be a positive fix. Thus, we have decided to keep the 9 Team Main Division and have a 7 Team Premier Division.

With this in mind we still intend to generate all the Premier Division matches as Round Robin. This means all teams in the Premier Division will have 1 bye week this season. As for Main nothing has changed and the season will still be generated as SWISS. Below is the Final Placement's for Highlander Winter '24.


Atomic Deluxe
Significant Otter
good pug
50,000,000 Doctrine Fans Can't Be Wrong


goblin deez
Scurvy Ridden
Sharon Keast
Tuah Previously, Where no ability meets no effort
Should Be Studying
rat gaming
monosodium glutamate

Additional Restriction

We have added an additional soldier restriction to yons on CONNECTICUT KIA BOYZ. You can find the full list of player restrictions here.

Division Administrator Changes

Finally, we will be swapping our Division admins around slightly. hive will be moving to admin the Premier division and woozy will now be a Main Division administrator.

If you have any issues with any of this new information please contact one of our Division Admins or reach out via a support ticket in our Discord. Matches will be generated with in the next few hours.