Fri Apr 10 01:58:46 2020

open veterans win OZF 27 Main!

Congratulations Main winners open veterans


Process - 5 - 1
Granary - 5 - 1

Congratulations to open veterans on winning the OZF 27 Main Grand Final against braincels2020.

The first map of the night was Process, the pick of open veterans. The first mid showed an early promising fight for braincels2020 before the aggression from the players on open veterans reminded us why they were the favourite going into this final, resulting in a quick two minute round with open veterans doubling the total frags of braincels 2020. The next round had similar results with open veterans wiping braincels 2020 in a dominant fashion. The following round saw braincels 2020 really show they can put up a fight despite the convincing play of open veterans with them taking a round in four minutes. Unfortunately the change of pace was immediately shut down with amazing performances from tanking and bann, and the map finished 5 – 1 in the favour of open veterans.

The next map was Granary, a change of mindset was really needed from the players on braincels 2020 if they were to bring it back. The map started of with a back and forth and a promising show of skill from the players on braincels 2020, with bumble putting out good damage onto 2345y. However it was not enough, as open veterans took the first few rounds with dominance. The forth round showed us a great showing of teamwork from braincels 2020 as they coordinated a double soldier bomb onto the combo of open veterans, however despite take their first round of the map just before it wasn’t enough as the dominant open veterans reclaimed their momentum and finished the match off with a 5 – 1 map win to become your ozfortress season 27 Main champions!.

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - open veterans
2nd - braincels2020
3rd - the gimpsons


Champions: open veterans
Best Demoman: 2345y
Best Medic: weed liz
Best Pocket: Sessal
Best Roamer: tokahontas and tanking
Best Pocket Scout: rats0up
Best Flank Scout: Hirast
Best Utility: adam

Most Improved Player: zias
Most Valuable Player: Tohka

Friendliest Team: bruh moment
Most Improved Team: Mad mayhem
Best Dressed Team: the gimpsons
Best Caster: Elmo.

Wed Apr 1 00:40:17 2020

Introducing Warzone: The ozfortress client


We are very proud and excited to announce the future of competitive TF2 at ozfortress.


In order to combat cheaters and incorrect account usage, ozfortress has decided to introduce a client for all players playing on ozfortress servers. For those who are unaware, a client is a tool that scans your PC and monitors what you are doing in order to detect cheats and other third-party programs. We have decided to adopt the use of a client in order to improve the user experience when playing in the ozfortress league.


Why is the client called Warzone?

Many players will recognise the name Warzone as the former name of the current ozfortress website. We decided that since the current website has adopted the domain of, we would put the title of Warzone to another use and fittingly name the ozfortress client, Warzone.

When do I need to run the ozfortress client?

All players will need to run Warzone whenever they play on an ozfortress server. This is to ensure that ozfortress remains a cheat-free environment and to make sure that all instances of cheating and incorrect account usage are handled by staff.

How do I run the client?

Simply download and install Warzone, and then run warzone.exe which will be found inside the extracted folder. Once the client is showing the front page, the client is running successfully.

Does Warzone invade my privacy?

Yes. We do not look at any personal information of the user, however. Warzone will only monitor the files that the player uses when in-game.

What operating systems can run Warzone?

Currently there are Warzone builds for Windows, Mac and Linux. Download links for all can be found below.

Will Warzone pick up all third-party programs?

Yes. If you are unsure of the legality of a third-party program, contact an administrator.

Who created Warzone?

Warzone was a collaboration between ozfortress admins Connor and Thermite, ozfortress developer /dev/zero and head of ozfortress Anti-Cheat obla. Huge thanks goes out to Connor who did the bulk of the legwork and sunk countless hours into the creation and perfection of Warzone.

We hope that Warzone improves the ozfortress experience for all users. If any players have any concerns about the security or privacy concerns of Warzone, do not hesitate to contact an administrator.




Thank you,
The ozfortress Administration Team and the ozfortress Anti-Cheat Panel

Tue Mar 31 23:11:42 2020

[OZF27] Voting


The voting threads for the end of season awards have now been posted! The votes must be sent through to Connor (Connor5678) or skaz (skaz4670) in a Discord PM using the correct formatting on Discord by Wednesday the 8th of April at midnight by every team captain. Failing to do this will prevent your votes from counting.

Only captains to vote. Please submit with 3 votes for EVERY category. You only have to do the division your team participated in.

Premier Votes
Intermediate Votes
Main Votes
Open Votes


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