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Congratulations Intermediate winners ligma


Reckoner - 3 - 1
Process - 3 - 0
Match Thread

Congratulations to ligma on winning the OZF 30 Intermediate Grand Final against Flame Text Bandits.

The grand final kicked off with Reckoner picked by Flame Text Bandits. A super-fast rollout from Mack allowed Flame Text Bandits to get some early aggression, however, some great counter-play from ligma allowed them to wipe them on the mid-fight. Forcing Flame Text Bandits onto last with a few off-classes. A cheeky trap from Mack got a drop onto Harry allowing them to get out onto second and push into mid. What followed was a long back and forth with ligma pushing Flame Text Bandits all the way back to their last. Flame Text Bandits was able to push out into second where a long stalemate began to play out. It was not until about ten minutes into the first round that Flame Text Bandits was able to push all the way to last and win the round. A dominant second round came out from ligma rewarding them with their first round win. Leaving the scoreline tied at a 1 - 1. A slow start for ligma was on Reckoner, it was not until the later stages that they started getting wins. Reckoner finished up with a dominated showing from ligma with a score of 3 - 1.

The next map in the BO3 series was Process, ligma’s pick. People were curious how this map would play out seeing as ligma won Reckoner (a map they did not even pick). Going into the first round of Process it seemed to look very similar to Reckoner, however, a good slow middle fight from Flame Text Bandits awarded them the point. Flame Text Bandits looked strong going into the last push with their full Uber advantage. However, a massive shot from Tohka onto Mack was able to cripple their push and allowed ligma to get out of their last.

After seven minutes of process and Flame Text Bandits losing players at poor times, ligma were able to pick up three quick round wins. It seemed that Flame Text Bandits and ligma loved to just stick back and send in sacs, which is a great idea for ligma as they were three rounds up in only ten minutes. But Flame Text Bandits needed to pull a miracle, and they did attempt several. Lizrd-Wizrd and Donn were constantly going for sacs trying to get some kind of advantage, but it did make you wonder if they could try something else. A hopeful solo Uber push from alibastor and omni came through door two, but unfortunately, alibastor dropped to the sentry. After a slow rest of the map, the final score for Process was 3 - 0 crowing ligma your ozfortress season 30 Intermediate champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff, and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again very soon!


1st - ligma
2nd - Flame Text Bandits
3rd - allahzilla 2


Best Demoman: frydog
Best Medic: alibastor
Best Pocket: Donn
Best Roamer: Lizrd-Wizrd
Best Combo Scout: fez and Afroman
Best Flank Scout: kl
Best Utility: fez

Most Improved Player: a team of ants in their prime
Most Valuable Player: omni

Friendliest Team: Project a
Most Improved Team: ligma
Best Dressed Team: Flame Text Bandits
Best Caster: Ravu4 and snazzy

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good season gg everyguys woo!!

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