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Congratulations Intermediate winners League of Super Evil


Product - 3 - 0
Gullywash - 1 - 2
Process - 6 - 1

Congratulations to League of Super Evil on winning the OZF 23 Intermediate Grand Final against

The series began on Product, the map pick of League of Super Evil. The first round saw back and forth caps, with the point being traded multiple times. Despite a strong performance from, League of Super Evil eventually took the round in a close fashion. The second round was no different with both teams putting up a fight and each controlling durations of the round. After a nail-biting finish, League of Super Evil were able to take the round in overtime, and extend their lead to 2 - 0. The third round was yet another close fought affair, however ultimately League of Super Evil were able to take the round and the map off of a dominating 473 DPM performance from Yop..

We then went into Gullywash, the pick of Both teams were playing passively, resulting in a 12 minute-long first round that almost saw the round timer reset. Eventually League of Super Evil prevailed, and went 1 - 0 up on the first map. Both teams continued the passive play of the first round into the second, however were able to find their footing and claim their first round of the series and take the map to 1 - 1 after another 12 minute-long round. With less than five minutes on the clock, the map was anyone's game. Both teams began playing with more aggression, with almost taking the round if it weren't for some last-minute Ubersaw heroics from rem. were able to close out the round putting them up 2 - 1. With less than two minutes on the clock, League of Super Evil were forced to play with extreme aggression in order to equalise the scores. With such limited time their attempt proved unsuccessful and the map finished in favour of, leveling the series and taking us to a final map.

The last map was Process, with both teams immediately playing a much faster play-style. League of Super Evil took the first two rounds in quick succession. were able to answer back with a round of their own, but League of Super Evil proved to be too strong and took the next four rounds in a convincing fashion. With this League of Super Evil took the map 6 - 1 and the series 2 - 1 and became your ozfortress season 23 Intermediate champions!

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Stay tuned for A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019!


1st - League of Super Evil
2nd -
3rd - ad hominem attack


Champions: League of Super Evil
Best Demoman: decap
Best Medic: skaz
Best Pocket: Delphinoid
Best Roamer: samson
Best Pocket Scout: emgee
Best Flank Scout: conor
Best Utility: sage

Most Improved Player: conor
Most Valuable Player: decap and emgee

Friendliest Team: Plan Z
Most Improved Team: Plan Z
Best Dressed Team: Plan Z
Best Caster: xander

sage Retired League Admin

fuck u emgee

dev deserved best util, snipers not even a real class

emgee Sixes League Admin
sage Retired League Admin

yea but (just dont look at the other team)

skaz Retired League Admin

gg boys incredible season from all teams

samson Retired League Admin

great season guys, congrats to all