ozfortress season 29

Main - Round #10

Terrible Tactics
Home Team
Away Team
Optivex captain
nurf captain
D-Fault captain
Ambrosio captain
janga7 captain
♪.Beats captain
berto captain
juice captain
7Buggs captain
Wirthy captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Match Comms
janga7 captain :cancer

Confirmed Thurs 8:30.

gl guys :D

Very enjoyable season, thank you so much for both finals.

Product: 3-0 TT https://logs.tf/2755082#76561198049556321
Sunshine: 2-2 TIE https://logs.tf/2755090#76561198049556321
Sunshine GC: 1-0 TT https://logs.tf/2755102#76561198049556321

Looking forward to seeing you next season in Inter :)

janga7 captain :cancer

logs as above.

really well played guys was a really fun series and season :D

will cya all again next season

gg guys, great match