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happy feet win OZF 28 Premier!

Congratulations Premier winners happy feet


Sunshine - 5 - 0
Granary - 4 - 0
Process - 6 - 1

Match Thread

Congratulations to happy feet on winning the OZF 28 Premier Grand Final against Head Cavers.

The first map of the series was Sunshine. As expected, happy feet came out firing on all cylinders on their first map pick taking the first round in a matter of minutes. Head Cavers began to look much more competitive in the second round with points and Ubers being traded between the two teams. Some clutch Demoman heroics from enrith to save his Medic looked to put Head Cavers in a solid position, but it the midst of all the chaos redcoatzygote had slipped behind and begun a backcap. Despite the players of Head Cavers rushing back to last in order to stop the backcap, redcoatzygote was able to secure the round with some impressive pipes, putting his team up 2 - 0. Head Cavers were showing some promise, managing to push happy feet back to their last on multiple occasions however they seemed to be unable to convert their last pushes into rounds. These failed pushes gave happy feet an opportunity to claw back the momentum, and that was an opportunity they did not squander. Two more rounds to put happy feet up 4 - 0, putting them in an extremely favourable position to take the map. The momentum was well and truly in the favour of happy feet, and they converted the final round to take the map 5 - 0 in a quick 23 minute fashion. redcoatzygote's impact was a huge factor in his team's convincing win. Impressive stats (21/7 K/D ratio, 335 DPM) combined with his high impact plays proved too much for Head Cavers to handle.

Head Cavers' first map pick was the unconventional Granary, and after the disappointing result on Sunshine they were looking for a good start on the second map of the evening. Both teams were initially looking evenly matched, with the first round narrowly going to happy feet. Despite this opening round loss, Head Cavers were still looking to be in much better form than on Sunshine. However, in an unfortunate case of déjà vu, the second round of Granary also fell to a backcap from the side of happy feet. This marked the beginning of a series of unfortunate events for the side of Head Cavers. Juts minutes later, Doge was dropped by the Spy play of down after a beautifully-timed backstab. Things were looking up for Head Cavers after a convincing team-wipe, however a heartbreaking play from yewl picked Doge with his team around him on 96% Uber right as Head Cavers were prepping for a last push. This string of events led to happy feet ultimately picking up their third round and extending their lead to 3 - 0. With time running out and no choice but to play aggressively, Head Cavers increased the pace of their game in order to quickly acquire rounds however the fundamentals of happy feet proved too strong and they were able to extend their lead once again before the map time ran out. The duo of redcoatzygote and down provided both high impact plays and impressive fragging, setting their team ahead 2 - 0 in the series.

The pressure was on for Head Cavers as their OZF 28 hopes were on the line as we headed into our third and potentially last map of Process. The first round of Process played out similarly to our previous two maps, a slightly more draw our affair with happy feet ultimately taking the first round for the third map in a row. However, a promising round from Head Cavers put them on the board and tied us up at 1 - 1. This act of defiance seemed to light a spark under happy feet, and they were then ultimately able to assert their dominance and take the next four rounds in under ten minutes. With the time nearly up and not enough time left for Head Cavers to get the required rounds, the game looked well and truly over as happy feet were able to take the victory 6 - 1 and the series 3 - 0 to take of $1800 AUD and become your ozfortress season 28 Premier champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - happy feet
2nd - Head Cavers
3rd - Jasmine Beef


Champions: happy feet
Best Demoman: redcoatzygote
Best Medic: dogroll
Best Pocket: yewl
Best Roamer: feyn
Best Pocket Scout: AiShou
Best Flank Scout: down
Best Utility: silvo

Most Improved Player: Daz
Most Valuable Player: AiShou

Friendliest Team: Jasmine Beef and Dragon Link
Most Improved Team: Dragon Link and ad hominem attack
Best Dressed Team: 𝕮𝖔𝖔𝖒 Club. and ad hominem attack
Best Caster: BigFellaGoose

Mon Aug 3 12:47:23 2020 5 days ago

mork and friends win OZF 28 Open!

Congratulations Open winners mork and friends


Sunshine - 2 - 3 (GC)
Gullywash - 4 - 3 (GC)
Snakewater - 1 - 0
Match Thread

Congratulations to mork and friends on winning the OZF 28 Open Grand Final against bp..

After a close season and playoffs between the top few teams the finals between mork and friends and bp. were not to be missed. Trading maps in the regular season and narrowly loosing both maps in the Upper Page Playoffs, bp were back for blood and ready to put on a show. The first map pick was Sunshine. mork and friends won the first mid, efficiently cleaning up the majority of bp.'s players including the medic. Despite a series of delays to stop mork and friends capturing middle and second, which allowed bp. to gain Uber for their last hold, bp. were unable to hold off the push from mork and friends and the first round was scored. Not to be phased by the previous round, bp. came back swinging and captured mid. Both Medics died and bp. pulled out the Kritz. mork and friends captured middle and second and began their last assault. After multiple failed attempts they finally managed to secure their second point. bp. aggressively fought back, wining mid and forcing an Uber vs Uber fight in choke. They came out on top and managed to get their first point of the Grand Finals. Carrying with their momentum they kept going with a repeat of the previous round they seamlessly won the next round, tieing the game 2 alls. There were 14 minutes left on th e clock. mork and friends managed to win the mid and second. Crucially bp. were able to keep their Medic alive. mork and friends executed 3 failed last attempts, finally allowing bp. to push out to second. A huge bomb from one wynt. on bp. allowed them to push into mork and friends with full Uber advantage. With a minute an a half left they tried pushing in but were stuffed in by a Pyro, causing the map to go to golden cap. Carrying their momentum, bp. kept the pressure on and after a very slow midfight managed to push last and win the golden cap.

bp. picked Gullywash as the next map. The teams played each other on this map in the regular season. bp. beat mork and friends 5 to 4, possibly a risky choice for the second map. mork and friends took the first mid with ease, completely wiping bp.. They pushed in with full Uber and converted the first round. mork and friends kept going in and quickly took round 2. It looked like we were getting a repeat of Sunshine, bp. came back to claim 2 rounds in reasonably quick succession, taking the score to 2 all. The next two rounds were handed out to both teams. With 12 minutes on the clock there was plenty of time for either team to win. Unfortunately this was not the case. mork and friends was able to keep bp. at their last but were still unable to successfully convert a round. Another golden cap was required. bp. started off strong, winning the midfight, but their Medic was killed while mork and friends managed to keep theirs alive. After mork and friends managed to push them back to last with an Uber push, they had many failed attempts to convert their last point. bp. attempted to push out of last but their visit to second was not welcomed. mork and friends found the crucial Medic pick and were able to win the last point, winning the golden cap and taking the series to a 3rd and final map.

mork and friends choose Snakewater to be the decider. If the first two maps were anything to go by this final map would be a nail biter. An aggressive first mid from mork and friends allowed the first cap to go their way, they also ended up winning the first Uber trade and get the second point while they were at it. Ubers were traded back and forth, points were trading hands. It all seemed to be over when bp. wrapped behind mork and friends through Kitchen, managing to take mid while their opponents were on the wrong side of the map. Fortunately for mork and friends their two spawners managed to hold them off just long enough for the rest of their team to catch up and stop their last from being taken from right under their noses. In typical Grand Final fashion, no one wanted to push into last, no one wanted to push out. mork and friends elected to pull andrew onto sniper, this paid off massively. andrew picked off the Heavy and the Medic which triggered mork and friends to push in with Uber, finally taking the last point after an excruciating 15-minute round. The next round seemed dire for mork and friends when they were wiped on second. However a fantastic Loose Cannon play by mackey, killing 3 players AND surviving on 1 HP, kept the round running by the skin of their teeth. The rest of the map was a thrilling back and forth affair, it was so close, any team could have won it. Both teams consistently traded points, pushing each other last and being pushed right back to theirs. Despite the narrow score line and point advantage, mork and friends wanted more. They kept trying to push into last. bp. was so close, the final even Uber fight was about to begin. After their failed last push, which wasn't able to force mork and friends Uber, they went for the desperation dry push. Against a fully buffed Heavy this was almost never going to work, this was one of those cases. The clock ticked to 0 and after 2 golden caps and a very exciting final map mork and friends finally claimed the Season 28 Open First Place title.

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - mork and friends
2nd - bp.
3rd - meth.


Champions: mork and friends
Best Demoman: mackey
Best Medic: woofer and Yric
Best Pocket: donkeyhead
Best Roamer: bongo johnny
Best Pocket Scout: andrew
Best Flank Scout: kaoski
Best Utility: andrew

Most Improved Player: gronk energy
Most Valuable Player: andrew

Friendliest Team: what if we kissed on process mid
Most Improved Team: New Kids on the Block
Best Dressed Team: what if we kissed on process mid
Best Caster: BigFellaGoose

Sat Aug 1 22:09:33 2020 6 days ago

fighting dreamers win OZF 28 Main!

Congratulations Main winners fighting dreamers


Metalworks - 2 - 1 (GC)
Process - 2 - 0
Match Thread

Congratulations to fighting dreamers on winning the OZF 28 Main Grand Final against Ascension 2.0.

In a rematch of the highly competitive upper page playoff, Ascension 2.0 were looking to repeat their hard-fought victory over fighting dreamers. Going into the map veto, both teams elected for a similar ban phase to their previous meeting, however as we entered the pick phase, Ascension 2.0 surprised bringing out cp_metalworks as our first map. fighting dreamers opted for the comfortable cp_process pick of which they had found plenty of success on throughout the season.

Smazza had this to say on the decision to pick cp_metalworks.

We tried to counter their superior dm with a brain pick.

Our first map began with fast double soldier aggression from the side of fighting dreamers resulting in a second to last stalemate with fighting dreamers holding all the cards. A sequence of trades from both sides eventually saw Ascension 2.0 push their foe to their last. A crucial demo pick in conjunction with a sentry sap saw Ascension 2.0 secure a favourable trade in which they would clean fighting dreamers up and secure the first round. Ascension 2.0 sought to keep up their momentum with some great high-soldier-bombs into the next mid, although fighting dreamers appeared to be up to the task with their Scouts finding three cleanup kills guiding their team to an uncontested second capture. fighting dreamers, not keen on letting Ascension 2.0 dictate this game, took an aggressive trade into last off the back of no advantages! In what should have been a comfortable hold from the side of Ascension 2.0, fighting dreamers managed to find 3 kills, including the Demoman, and seemed poised to take the point. However an immense clutch from the Pyro of Fennex including a pipe-reflect double kill, saw Ascension 2.0 stabilise and look to push into and cap second. Having been relegated to the bottom of the scoreboard, fighting dreamers Pocket Soldier honk honk, made what I deem to be the match winning play for his side in this moment, securing the kill onto the medic of a pushing Ascension 2.0, leaving his side with a healthy 30% Uber advantage. Making no mistake, fighting dreamers push into last and take the round, tying the scores at 1:1 with 30 seconds left in regulation. Golden cap would start and end rather similarly, with the soldiers of fighting dreamers creating a lot of space on mid, and taking the Ascension 2.0 Demoman with them to the grave. Not wanting to risk anything, Ascension 2.0 immediately fell back to their last as fighting dreamers could surely taste victory. Another risky no-advantage trade into last occurs with the soldiers of fighting dreamers creating plenty of space in post for their team, allowing them to easily win the dm fight and consequently secure the first map of the grand final.

The Soldiers of Ascension 2.0 would surely have to lift their game going into process if they were to find victory, and on the first mid they showed their class, powering their side to an easy capture, creating space and living to begin pressuring the 2nd point of which fighting dreamers had taken up a defensive hold. Many a sac would occur, eventually resulting in Ascension 2.0 taking an aggressive trade into 2nd. Reading the situation perfectly, fighting dreamers milked their Uber and used their scouts well to secure the mid point. A partial stalemate would occur, with fighting dreamers Sniper trev finding an opening pick onto the opposing Demoman, forcing Ascension 2.0 out to their last. Trusting in their dm ability, fighting dreamers once more take an aggressive trade into last, finding an even exchange but losing three players on their rotate from lobby. Ascension 2.0 would have some difficulty entering second from last, losing two players but finding the cap in return, only for it to be taken back by the spawners of fighting dreamers. In what was without doubt the slowest portion of this map, both teams exchanged sacs in and out of last, with neither team finding a substantial advantage to push off of. After ten minutes, fighting dreamers fancied their chances at another aggressive trade, using their uber through door one, finding the force onto the enemy medic and subsequently rotating their team in through door four. Using some excellent positioning and utilising the space-making ability of the Soldier class, fighting dreamers stormed through their opposition, capping the last point and making everyone watching wonder why they hadn't tried this earlier! Now a map and a lengthy round down, the side of Ascension 2.0 would have been hopeful going into the second mid of the map, however, the soldiers out of fighting dreamers swiftly put an end to any aspirations their adversaries were accruing, forcing the side of Ascension 2.0 out to their last. With less time on their hands than before, and possessing the knowledge of "how to win last push process map", fighting dreamers confidently repeated their previous last push, again cleaning up the dm fight and easily capping the point to secure their 2nd round of the map. With barely 7 minutes left on the clock, Ascension 2.0 were in dire need of at least a mid victory. Early positioning by the side of fighting dreamers looked precarious, with a soldier dying early, however a missed opportunity by Ascension 2.0 to capitalise on the tentativeness being shown by their opposition resulted in the stabilisation and clean-up of the vanquished side, with fighting dreamers storming through middle and looking poised to take an easy third round. A failed last push, failed push out from last and a few sacs later, fighting dreamers were sitting pretty on Ascension 2.0's second point as the game reached dead time. A rather drawn out ending seemed apt for what was an exceptional grand final, with both teams showing prowess in their own preferred styles of play. fighting dreamers closed out the series 2 - 0 to become your OZF 28 Main champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - fighting dreamers
2nd - Ascension 2.0
3rd - back 2 the bones daycare


Champions: fighting dreamers
Best Demoman: BigFellaGoose
Best Medic: Raina
Best Pocket: Rangi
Best Roamer: jarry from wagga
Best Pocket Scout: Smazza
Best Flank Scout: sentar and _xypH
Best Utility: xtra

Most Improved Player: GuS
Most Valuable Player: Smazza

Friendliest Team: Build Cube Maps and back 2 the bones daycare
Most Improved Team: Ascension 2.0
Best Dressed Team: MTIN
Best Caster: BigFellaGoose