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Thread: User Content Guidelines & Player Behaviour inside/outside of ozfortress

The Tier 1 infraction for Plank walking in match threads will see an offender gain 10 infraction points, and upon a second offense, that offender will lose the ability to use Match Communications for the remainder of the season, captain or not. There will be zero tolerance on content that doesn't pertain to the match. Common sense will get you far, you are free to congratulate another team, wish them luck, or anything else pertaining to that, but content inside that same post or in its own post that does not pertain to the match will be removed and infracted.

Thread: Highlander S2 - Final Placements

can't believe they infected custard

Thread: OZF HL S1 - Congratulations to our winners & runner-ups!

stop the count

Thread: August Infraction Update

guys i think ozfortress might have a bigotry problem

Thread: ozfortress ban: magnett

rip the bro. fly high magnett. heaven gained another angel. <3333

Thread: OZF HL 1 - Voting Nominations

Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Premier
Best Scout: bubsdoge
Best Soldier: Pride
Best Pyro: Doctrine
Best Demoman: <user>
Best Heavy: Avo
Best Engineer: wasteman
Best Medic: Kurt
Best Sniper: Anna
Best Spy: Daggerman105
Most Improved Player: Pride

Thread: OZF 34 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: first name basis
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): main
Best Combo Scout: bird
Best Flank Scout: bird
Best Pocket Soldier: bird
Best Roaming Soldier: bird
Best Medic: dave orit
Best Demoman: bird
Best Utility: bird
Most Improved Player: bird

Thread: ozfortress bans: max/weed liz & zias


Thread: ozfortress ban: adolo

rest in power

Thread: ozfortress Highlander Season 1 Outline & Final Placements

requesting a name change to nightmare blink rotation