Sperkle Highlander Head Admin & Media Coordinator

This thread is for nominating your team's players for the best-in-class awards for Sixes Spring '23 (S38). This thread will be used by us to collect the rosters of each team for voting, which go live once all nominations have been submitted.

Captains are asked to respond to this thread with the completed template below by Sunday the 17th of December at 11:59pm AEDT 2023 Please save replies for nominations only, and not discussion. Only one reply per team.

Failure to submit nominations will result in you and your team being unable to receive any awards or be eligible for in-game medals. While this may seem harsh, we do this so every player has a chance to be voted for. If you wish to be excluded for a specific reason, please reach out to your division administrator.

Strictly follow the format below, as we will be using an automated script to process this data.

Team Name:
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open):
Best Combo Scout:
Best Flank Scout:
Best Pocket Soldier:
Best Roaming Soldier:
Best Medic:
Best Demoman:
Best Utility:
Most Improved Player:

Team Name: Ferraracados
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Combo Scout: Avo
Best Flank Scout: h0tsnack
Best Pocket Soldier: indy and her jones
Best Roaming Soldier: Titan
Best Medic: Mikcow
Best Demoman: Hawk
Best Utility: h0tsnack
Most Improved Player: indy and her jones

frydog Retired League Admin

Team Name: Moneyball
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): High
Best Combo Scout: time
Best Flank Scout: doug
Best Pocket Soldier: 2345y
Best Roaming Soldier: Pureblue
Best Medic: Ravu4
Best Demoman: frydog
Best Utility: 2345y
Most Improved Player: Pureblue

wilsonoid Sixes League Admin

Team Name: evcb8k645nmwertsfn
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): PREM
Best Combo Scout: wils
Best Flank Scout: paulsen
Best Pocket Soldier: elmo
Best Roaming Soldier: alt
Best Medic: dogroll
Best Demoman: daz
Best Utility: alt
Most Improved Player: wils

Team Name: No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence. ❤🐹✨
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Open
Best Combo Scout: hive
Best Flank Scout: Uncle Vinnie
Best Pocket Soldier: funGus
Best Roaming Soldier: strongman
Best Medic: ash
Best Demoman: Relz
Best Utility: funGus
Most Improved Player: Relz

Team Name: 6 pack of metal straws
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Combo Scout: Chocomilk
Best Flank Scout: noemie
Best Pocket Soldier: Annabelle
Best Roaming Soldier: Bree
Best Medic: Rainy
Best Demoman: Ownage
Best Utility: Bree
Most Improved Player: Chocomilk

Team Name: fever kids
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Combo Scout: yuki
Best Flank Scout: adam
Best Pocket Soldier: leo
Best Roaming Soldier: yauch
Best Medic: remorse
Best Demoman: jane doe
Best Utility: adam
Most Improved Player: adam

Team Name: double jointed
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Combo Scout: turris
Best Flank Scout: strawbunny
Best Pocket Soldier: moseph
Best Roaming Soldier: ms. pauling bong fiend
Best Medic: Tee Fwee
Best Demoman: BONKITUP456
Best Utility: ms. pauling bong fiend
Most Improved Player: moseph