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This thread is for nominating your team's players for the best-in-class awards for Sixes Autumn '24 (S39). This thread will be used by us to collect the rosters of each team for voting, which go live once all nominations have been submitted.

Captains are asked to respond to this thread with the completed template below by Sunday the 7th of April at 11:59pm AEST 2024 Please save replies for nominations only, and not discussion. Only one reply per team.

Failure to submit nominations will result in you and your team being unable to receive any awards or be eligible for in-game medals. While this may seem harsh, we do this so every player has a chance to be voted for. If you wish to be excluded for a specific reason, please reach out to your division administrator.

Strictly follow the format below, as we will be using an automated script to process this data.

Team Name:
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open):
Best Combo Scout:
Best Flank Scout:
Best Pocket Soldier:
Best Roaming Soldier:
Best Medic:
Best Demoman:
Best Utility:
Most Improved Player:

Team Name: cheese and burger
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Combo Scout: waves
Best Flank Scout: strawbunny
Best Pocket Soldier: Stamm
Best Roaming Soldier: moeseph
Best Medic: caspian
Best Demoman: turris
Best Utility: moeseph
Most Improved Player: waves

Team Name: The company
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Inter
Best Combo Scout: Tj
Best Flank Scout: fraggerung
Best Pocket Soldier: Shadi
Best Roaming Soldier: ben
Best Medic: ghost
Best Demoman: Counsel (Lime)
Best Utility: Lime
Most Improved Player: fraggerung

dezi Art Team

Team Name: taking my gamer medicine (games)
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): main
Best Combo Scout: seiran
Best Flank Scout: rappers
Best Pocket Soldier: dezi
Best Roaming Soldier: age
Best Medic: spacetime
Best Demoman: krb
Best Utility: dezi
Most Improved Player: seiran

Team Name: kumquat connoisseurs
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Combo Scout: miles
Best Flank Scout: lain
Best Pocket Soldier: bappo
Best Roaming Soldier: honk
Best Medic: spaceship
Best Demoman: jono
Best Utility: honk kohn
Most Improved Player: lain

Team Name: Talking Tom and Friends
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Combo Scout: arbabf
Best Flank Scout: manglemonster
Best Pocket Soldier: Cymboll
Best Roaming Soldier: Zepi
Best Medic: Bobby
Best Demoman: Amatorii
Best Utility: manglemonster
Most Improved Player: Amatorii

Team Name: WellMyBabyCallsMeTheLochNessMonster2GreatBigHumps&ThenImGone
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Open
Best Combo Scout: ziah
Best Flank Scout: eden
Best Pocket Soldier: funGus
Best Roaming Soldier: strongman
Best Medic: tom.
Best Demoman: Relz
Best Utility: Relz
Most Improved Player: Relz

Team Name: bobo’s burgers
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Intermediate
Best Combo Scout: WORLD's BLaNKIEsT BLaNK
Best Flank Scout: megumi
Best Pocket Soldier: Redja
Best Roaming Soldier: mashiro
Best Medic: bobo
Best Demoman: anna
Best Utility: megumi
Most Improved Player: WORLD's BLaNKIEsT BLaNK