ozfortress Experimental Cup 2


Experimental Cups are back with Experimental Cup 2!

The second iteration of our Experimental Cup has arrived, Experimental Cup 2! As in the past, we will use this cup to test larger gameplay changes to our seasonal leagues, this iteration again being solely focused on Sixes.


You can sign up for Experimental Cup 2 from Thursday the 7th of September, up until Thursday the 14th of September 2023. We aim to have seeding out by Friday the 15th of September. The tournament starts Saturday the 16th of September 2023.

Please see the signup agreement at the bottom of the page for further information on helping us out with seedings!

What are we testing?

Over the past year or so, you may have seen RGL make use of the "Pro Ruleset Timer" plugin within their Sixes league in North America. This is no small feat for Team Fortress 2, as only two years ago, most leagues were not running any Round Timer plugins whatsoever. In the last six months, we've heard interest expressed from those within the highest divisions of ozfortress, wanting us to test this change within (or only with) certain divisions and caliber of players, but as you have probably noticed in the past, when we make a change, we like to make sure everyone is involved and has access to that change.

In that spirit, we wanted to run an open, multi-week tournament where anyone can sign up, allowing us to collect feedback from all skill levels and to see if this is truly something the community at large wants. However, there are certain caveats you should be aware of with the Pro Ruleset Timer plugin.

What changes would the "Pro Ruleset Timer" plugin bring?

There are a few changes that would need to be made to our Sixes seasonal league ruleset if we were to accommodate its usage within a season, most of which we will be seeing in this tournament.

Golden Cap

This one is likely more apparent to those who are a bit more versed in the Sixes format, but with the introduction of this plugin, it would mean the removal of Golden Cap as if certain conditions aren't met by the time the map timer ticks down, the match is continued.

Changes to the Map Timer, Round Timer, and Scoring

Perhaps the biggest changes this plugin makes, which will also better explain why we no longer need Golden Cap, is to the Map Timer, Round Timer, and Match Scoring.

Most current competitive rulesets found globally for the 5CP / Control Point gametype include a Map Timer which sets a hard thirty-minute limit on matches. Even with the current implementation of the Improved Round Timer plugin we have used for the past year, matches have often ended up in stalling out the clock, killing off comeback potential, and causing anticlimactic endings. We've paraphrased the description on the Pro Ruleset Timer plugin page as we feel it describes the issues we see with the existing Improved Round Timer plugin aptly. What the Pro Ruleset Timer plugin aims to introduce is a dynamic win condition, where the Round Win Limit gets reduced to the current highest score from either team +1 once the Map Timer runs out, so if the score was 2-3, the Round Win Limit would be set to 4, allowing the match to continue until one team meets that Round Win Limit. This change aims to implant more exciting comeback potential in matches and eliminates the need for Golden Cap scenarios entirely by allowing the match to continue until one team wins out the match via the Round Win Limit.

Schedule, Format, and Pick/Ban tests

Along with focus testing the Pro Ruleset Timer plugin, we're experimenting with a few smaller schedule and format changes, along with Pick/Bans for every round. We're testing these purely to poll player interest for future seasons and/or tournaments.

Initially, we had plans to test more extreme changes to our Sixes seasonal league in this tournament, but we will look to refine and test those changes in upcoming seasons.

By signing up, you acknowledge that you may be placed in any division the administrators deem fit for your roster, and thus your entire team should be reasonable in their expectations on division placement. We will endeavour to let teams know of changes in initial seedings before the final release. Please ensure you specify the division you truly believe your team should be in, this will make it easier for administrators to consult with you on your seeding. Along with selecting your desired division, please also list who you expect to play, and what class/role. We've left a template below, please include it in your signup application's description.


On the ozfortress website, captains can create Teams using the "Start Team" button on the Teams page. Once created, captains can invite players to the team. Team invites are shown on a player's profile, which can be accessed by clicking on your name next to the bell on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Teams provide a pool of players that can be signed up for a tournament. Players may be in the pool for multiple teams but only one active roster for any given tournament. Captains may sign up a roster for tournaments under the league page.

If you're new and not sure how to get started, don't fret! Check out the Recruitment category of the ozfortress Discord where you can express your interest in joining a team, or peruse potential players to form a team of your own. Sixes teams are comprised of two scouts, two soldiers, one demo and one medic. If you're new to the competitive scene, click here for an introduction to ozfortress!

Please ensure you have enough backups to last the entire season; teams are allowed a maximum of ten (10) players rostered.


  • During Experimental Cup 2 we plan on conducting random demo checks to ensure players are recording POV demos. Please ensure that you are recording match demos in order to avoid punishment.
  • If you are unsure of whether or not something is considered a game exploit, contact a League Administrator for clarification. Ignorance is not an excuse.

All Matches

Division 1

# Team Points Median Buchholz Direct Encounter Total Score Wins
1 xcx 16 0 2 29 5
2 Pyongyang Professors 16 12 4 31 6
3 altombo's kittens 8 6 2 25 3
4 Ascension 8 0 2 15 2
5 call me tft the way she play with my little legend 4 0 0 4 0

Division 2

# Team Points Median Buchholz Direct Encounter Total Score Wins
1 TRANSITION 20 0 0 29 6
2 The Freakaleak's 12 8 0 26 4
3 gator pussy blanket 8 12 1 11 2
5 overwatch retirement home 4 0 0 3 0

Division 3

# Team Points Median Buchholz Direct Encounter Total Score Wins
1 6Sins 16 21 0 37 7
2 Moneyball 12 12 0 24 4
3 Ready Steady Tax Evasion 12 12 1 18 3
4 Phi's Sneed and Pheed 8 3 0 10 1
5 DLLM 4 0 0 4 0

Division 4

# Team Points Median Buchholz Direct Encounter Total Score Wins
1 Mammoth. 20 28 0 34 7
2 FROYOGABBAGABBA 16 28 0 42 7
3 Spare No Opps 8 21 0 19 3
4 Plan Z 4 7 0 12 1
5 God-Fearing Nuns 4 3 0 7 1
6 emgee and the egirls 0 0 0 5 0

Division 5

# Team Points Median Buchholz Direct Encounter Total Score Wins
1 Jumper Mains 16 30 2 32 6
2 Mystic (Place Holder) 16 5 3 18 5
3 Yuki Aim 12 8 0 19 4
4 Talking Tom and Friends 4 4 1 6 1
5 big fat booty men mge 24/7 mge 4 4 0 6 1
6 *eating sounds* 0 0 0 3 0