aka baz, Wirthy
Joined on Fri Sep 6 2019

A tinnie a day keeps the missus at bay

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wirthy has played in 14 leagues:

ozfortress season 34 Ultiduo 16 CappingTV Summer Brawl 2022 ozfortress season 33 ozfortress season 32
  • Joined Terrible Tactics in Intermediate on Sat Nov 20 19:46:16 2021
  • Left saturn in High on Sat Nov 20 19:46:16 2021
  • Joined saturn in High on Wed Oct 6 22:50:47 2021
ozfortress winter league 2021 ozfortress season 31 ozfortress Autumn Cup 2021 ozfortress season 30 ozfortress Summer Cup 2021
  • Joined Bill Ding in Division 3 on Wed Nov 25 00:36:36 2020
ozfortress season 29 ozfortress season 28 ozfortress season 27 ozfortress season 26
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Bubsdoge is a menace that can’t be allowed to exist in our perfect reality

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Rest in peace, 9th place open s26, max the poggers scout

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whelp, we never really thought much of it but the evidence is there so if the admins are wanna remove him from our team cause he doesnt deserve the medal, we never really thought much of it cause he was the most average pocket solider s26 but we noticed his aim 'improve' in pubs so we thought about giving him a go on scout, sorry to all opens teams for s27, i only played 2 matches but checking his logs and some demos, his aim and stats were still above ours and most others in every offical.

Thread: OZF 26 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: New Kids on the Block
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Open
Best Pocket Scout: Ella >:(
Best Flank Scout: Muudbone
Best Pocket Soldier: GodLikePotato
Best Roaming Soldier: Schlayton
Best Medic: Yric
Best Demoman: Wirthy
Best Utility: Muudbone
Most Improved Player: Yric