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Prior to the commencement of the season, we brought in some minor changes to to introduce guidelines to any page where a user can submit a post. We have done this to make clear our intent for each area with user content. We have also included reminders and warnings in both Match Details (a part of the top info area of the Match Communications), along with the guidelines below the post section for Match Communications.

Many may recall that we stated we intend to get our rulesets to a point where we can stand behind, support and administer all clauses within our rulesets, and we feel confident in saying that we have been at this stage for a good while now. But understandably there was confusion around one particular infraction, that being the Tier 1 for Inappropriate or unrelated posting in match threads, an infraction that has been inconsistently enforced in the past. To reiterate, we now believe our rulesets are at a spot where we can confidently stand behind them, and this doubles down for this infraction.

We can and will, issue this infraction for any content that doesn't meet the guidelines listed in Match Communications. For content elsewhere on, it will need to follow the guidelines put in place on that page, and will be administrated in the same way it has always been - access to those areas will be restricted.

The Tier 1 infraction for Inappropriate or unrelated posting in match threads will see an offender gain 10 infraction points, and upon a second offense, that offender will lose the ability to use Match Communications for the remainder of the season, captain or not. There will be zero tolerance on content that doesn't pertain to the match. Common sense will get you far, you are free to congratulate another team, wish them luck, or anything else pertaining to that, but content inside that same post or in its own post that does not pertain to the match will be removed and infracted.

This message comes directly from core;

I will not sit idly and watch division administrators cop abuse for the poor behaviour and straight up lack of compassion from players. We have seen it time and time again as league administrators, and many other organisations have felt nothing but a lack of consideration for the time and money expenditure to something that is run for the benefit for the community.

We as always will look to poll this in particular in the post-season. If you have issues with this, feel free to bring it up with core directly on discord (core#6440).

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i personally cannot believe the state of this league. the absolute disrespect for all the hard work core and sperkle are doing is appalling and very disappointing for me as an upstanding member of this community.