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Thread: ozfortress ban: Papapatooie

god this is funny

Thread: Introducing the ozfortress court

cuin lumby

ur in for it now buster... ur time... is up..

Thread: ozfortress ban: Lazz/Thomas Shelby



I mean it was fucking obvious. Dude had maybe 400 hours in TF2 and 2 years on his account, but his first logs were all inter level. Plus he mentored and micromanaged Random Kritz.

I just find it funny this was discovered AFTER my team gets eliminated from playoffs. God i fucking hate some people in this community.

you lost to funny team?

![play better next time and you won't be knocked out][1]


I mean our loss to funny team was due to a lack of team focus and spaghetti comms. Kinda hard to win a round when you got half the team committing to one play and the other committing to a totally different play. But sure, the fact that we lost against this one team means that Random Kritz didn't get carried hard by an alt account.

Fuck off.

video games r meant 2 be fun :~)

Thread: ozfortress ban: Lazz/Thomas Shelby

LMAO this wasn’t who i was expecting to alt

Thread: OZF 30 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: involuntary social distancers
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): intermediate
Best Combo Scout: tg
Best Flank Scout: penoid
Best Pocket Soldier: nicholas
Best Roaming Soldier: crypto
Best Medic: kurt
Best Demoman: <user>
Best Utility: mio
Most Improved Player: kurt

Thread: OZF 30 - Frag Highlight Submissions

Player Alias: kva. nicholas isd
Teams: involuntary social distancers vs monkey soup
Bracket: inter
Round: 2
Tick: 47000~
What to look for: double airshot on fhrank on process second
Demos: player pov;

Thread: ozfortress ban: krollic

*Ajex vlogenater *
Ozfortress players are snowflakes

funniest thing you’ve said to date

Thread: ozfortress ban: krollic

[S|Esquire V] krollic : jewish globalist scouts man, trying to soldier secondarys so they can keep dominating and ruling pugs

Thread: ozfortress ban: krollic

After 7000 + hours of tf2 and going through over 11 different gaming mice due to them being wrecked after constant use and abuse, tearing up several gaming mouse pads to the point of them looking like they were set on fire (my current puretrak that i got recently is already frayed severely) and spending countless hours attempting to perfect my game has gotten me where I am now. Banned from practically every server of the game that I devoted so much energy into and loved, because of my exceptionally consistent and fast playstyle combined with the fact that a large group of people resent me because of my poor attitude and display within the community.

I'm over it now tbh. Following the ban there were quite a few nights where I couldn't sleep at all and would wake up in a sweat infuriated, depressed and hateful but.. I realized then that the biggest mistake I've made in the tf2 competitive community was being a part of it. I don't want to be a part of groups that hate me for my talents and for me being me.

A player who mained soldier and demo for my length of time and being accused of being an aimbotter.. it's kinda revolting. The quality of players in this game is really low, even though I haven't played tf2 in quite a few months, I'm still able to join mge and pug servers on alt accounts and crush the autistralian scum who have been playing that shit everyday since my ban, first game, even though I've been playing MOBAs for weeks on end and in fact no fps games at all. It is a bit of a disgrace. These people have stopped improving and get rusty and fade in ability. I never stopped and remained incredibly consistent.

I'm not really concerned about what anything thinks of me in regards to cheating, a large number of people have seen me play irl and people who have played tf2 with me regularly understand my approach to the game and what I do to improve, those people know what's right.
But even then, that doesn't mean anything. Most importantly I know the truth.

I really wish that I could have gone to some of the bigger lans but it's too difficult for me in my current position within christchurch. Before the ban the reason I wanted to go was to met some awesome people, but following the ban it was only because I wanted to prove whose better and prove myself.

you don't understand me as a person and you will never understand me as a player

Thread: ozfortress ban: krollic

no more lessons on race theory for me :/