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seinfeld has played in 23 leagues:

ozfortress Sixes Season 34 ozfortress Sixes Season 32 ozfortress Winter League 2021 ozfortress Sixes Season 31 ozfortress Sixes Season 30 ozfortress Summer Cup 2021 ozfortress Sixes Season 29 ISOLATION DEVASTATION 2020 ozfortress Sixes Season 28 ozfortress Sixes Season 27
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Thread: ozfortress banwave: August 2022

Lol shitters
![enter image description here][1]


you’re the only funny person in ozf lol

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enter image description here

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I know a metalworker... be warned...

Thread: ozfortress ban: Danny / HERTZ

pouring 1 out rn

Thread: OZF 32 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: shoegaze haters
Division: High
Best Combo Scout: Solres
Best Flank Scout: janga7
Best Pocket Soldier: andre
Best Roaming Soldier: gooseman
Best Medic: 95
Best Demoman: <user>
Best Utility: Janga7
Most Improved Player: janga7

Thread: ozfortress ban: Fat heavy

if ozfortress goes through with this they will be losing one of their most respected and valuable community members.

Thread: Small adjustments to the infractions system



Thread: ozfortress Staff Changes

enter image description here

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much love catfish, enjoy freedom