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Thread: OZF 34 - Final Placements
core Head Administrator

artwork by soda (@Sodaboop on Twitter)

For OZF 34, we are continuing with four divisions, those being Premier, Intermediate, Main and Open. You can find the Player Restrictions linked on the season page as always!

Seedings are listed in order, along with the format being used next to the division name. Division administrators have been updated on the Administrators page, found linked on the season page. Expect matches to be generated shortly.


Round Robin

Witness Gaming
pin pals
Cruelty Squad


Round Robin

First Class
Terrible Tactics
DM (deez nuts) Lords Asia
Avo's Cados


Swiss System

RAC: fryd0g's fangirls
muscle mercs
hot boy summer
Salt Free Gaming.
Posse Pounders
first name basis


Swiss System

Should Be Studying
blu team
🅼🆁. Corporations
Timmy Legacy

Thread: OZF 34 - Competitive Ruleset updates, changes and clarifications
core Head Administrator

artwork by soda (@Sodaboop on Twitter)

Returning with Season 34, we've been hard at work updating the documentation across We now have the competitive ruleset amongst other documentation displayed in PDF format, allowing us to more quickly make updates without needing to wait. We're hoping between this and a general drive to ensure what we have within our rulesets and docs is what we truly agree with and enforce going forward.

We are open to suggestions, feedback and concerns regarding any of the content on We want to continue our push to ensure our community feels represented within our decision making, and we hope going forward that it shows.

Competitive Ruleset changes for Season 34

One thing that has been in the back of our minds when considering and working on changes for this season, was that we should be able to get behind and enforce any and all rules within our ruleset with 100% confidence. We have split the list below into two categories; Changes and Clarifications. We are providing some clarification on specific rules that players raised concerns or queries with last season.

Changes & Additions

  • Mercenary usage in a Playoff match no longer requires the team requesting the mercenary to seek administrator approval. This has been a rule for many years, but as of the last year or so we have noticed an uptick in the number of captains either forgetting or neglecting to seek approval for their mercenary, so for Season 34 we have decided to remove this requirement. Teams and captains can still deny specific mercenaries, and can still request administrators review mercenary requests.

  • Broadcasts of a player’s POV outside of a casted setting where STV delay is enforced, a minimum observable
    delay of at least ten (10) seconds is required. We define “observable delay” as a combination of personally set
    stream delay (for example in OBS) and standard Twitch/YouTube streaming delay.
    We have made this addition to the ruleset to safeguard teams against stream sniping / players using low delay player POV streams to their advantage. In the past we considered this to be on the player streaming, but feel by instituting a clause for it in the ruleset, it will add further consistency to POV and match streaming.

  • Players being requested for transfer must have either a public profile or be reachable (on the friends list of an administrator and have their profile set to friends only), private profiles we cannot verify during the transfer process will be denied and will need to be re-requested in the following window, and meeting the same criteria.

  • The sale of in-game ozfortress medals (and any other medals) is strictly PROHIBITED. Valve has a strict policy that league and tournament runners do not sell Medals/Promotional items for any currency (in-game, monetary or otherwise), and this policy is also passed on to those who wish to receive said Medals/Promotional Items (meaning you, the player). Selling a slot on an active roster for in-game items or money is also strictly prohibited. Individuals or parties caught selling/trading for medals will be reported directly to Valve. We feel the clause here outlines our stance on this perfectly, but this is a restriction and expectation placed on tournament runners by Valve.


  • Teams can only make use of mercenaries within four official matches per season. This has been inconsistently enforced in the past, but for Season 34 and beyond we are committed to enforcing this rule, and tracking mercenary usage as a whole.

We hope that players understand we are making strides to ensure consistency within our competitive ruleset, and make meaningful changes that players are rallying for. We have some exciting news coming up and we hope you are just as excited for them too!

Thread: Infractions ruleset changes
core Head Administrator

ozfortress logo

Why are there infraction changes?

For a while, many players within our community, including ourselves, felt that clauses in the infractions ruleset were not where they needed to be, or did not fully reflect what we intended to cover under each clause. With the introduction of an easier way to make changes to documents on the ozfortress website, we’ve also brought updates to the infractions ruleset. Since many people don't read much, if not any of our news posts, we just wanted to state for the record that going forward we will be making a much stronger push towards ensuring our community is one where players can always feel free of harassment, toxicity and bigotry, a community where each players experience is treated as most valuable to ozfortress continued success and survival.

Infractions changes:

Tier 3

The Tier 3 category has seen the bulk of the changes and additions.

  • “Serious or repeated abuse and/or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to” is a combination of the existing abuse and harassment infractions and has been combined under a Tier 3.
  • Our previous “Sharing of sensitive or personal information without permission” has been expanded significantly, the updated clause along with an explanation can be seen below;

    • “Sharing personal, identifiable information without permission/consent from that individual. Sharing of personal/identifiable information sourced from outside of what is considered our community and/or the Team Fortress space.
      • An individual’s personal social media is under assumed privacy and anonymity; and therefore is something we consider outside of our community unless voluntarily shared by the individual."
    • There is a bit to unpack there, but what has commonly been referred to as our "doxing" infraction has been heavily expanded. This has been done in an attempt to better protect potential victims of this behaviour in the future and isn't too far off of what we had, but now makes a clear distinction as to what and where is protected when it comes to a person's personal information. While we feel this is pretty self-explanatory, feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding this clause.
  • "Threats of violence/harm" has been extended to cover an individual or group. The same addition has been made to our "General bigotry/use of derogatory slurs" clause.

  • Our "Discrimination of any kind" clause has seen some expansion to indicate some of what is covered by it,

Tier 2

You’ll notice that the Tier 2 category has been trimmed down, with many of them now residing in the Tier 3 category. Infractions that apply affiliation with or impersonation of staff members have been moved entirely to Tier 3. There were no instances of this behaviour to back this change, but we feel as two-thirds of them were already Tier 3 infractions, that consolidating them into just Tier 3’s would make our stance on that clearer. Along with the Tier 2 evictions, any behavioural infractions that we felt belonged in Tier 3 now reside there. This change was also made to make our stance clearer, and we found typically cases of this behaviour were egregious enough to end up there anyway.

Tier 1

We've only made one addition to the Tier 1 category, namely our aliasing clause. This has been added to make it clear where this infraction sits. Aliases should be correct prior to the cast starting, or prior to connecting to the server. Approved Casting Organisations will no longer need to ask specifically for aliases to be changed but still may do so as a courtesy.

  • "Failure to run proper alias / fake nicking in a cast of an official match by an approved casting organisation."

General infraction ruleset changes

In the past, lower severity infractions would sometimes incur a discretionary warning, but this introduced an unintentional double warning system, where we feel by giving the warning and then on a repeat of that behaviour, awarding a lower-tier infraction, we would essentially be issuing another warning when infractions in themselves are warnings and are meant to dissuade players from reoffending. This has never been the case for Tier 3 infractions, but we felt with the clarification and expansion of the infractions ruleset, the removal of warnings from our infractions would not only make the process clearer for players but would allow repeat offenders less opportunity to "correct" their behaviour. This change will not affect those who rarely if ever accrue infractions.

ozfortress x Qixalite & Behaviour

As some of you may already be aware, Qixalite shares any behaviour violations on their platform with league runners like ozfortress. Part of this process involves reports made to us, and from time to time we'll ask them to perform a check for us. While they are working on tools to enhance this process, it currently is not a large part of our behavioural report process, and the bulk of our actions come from player reports.

Usage of specific words

While we do not have a specific list of words (slurs or derogatory names), we feel players can typically infer what is right and wrong. Regardless, we have added "jew" and "jewing" when referencing a play or positioning as something we will infract. We have done this in a further push to support those who are marginalized by these terms. This will be effective immediately, and will not cover any case prior to this post.

Player Profile Content & Items

Over the past few years, we've seen a slow but steady increase in the amount of Steam groups and in-game item names/descriptions that violate our infractions ruleset. We will be giving players some time to clear these contents from their account. Content that violates our infractions ruleset after 01/06/2022 may leave that player subject to punishment.

ozfortress players are in many forms representatives of ozfortress, and that reflection of their behaviour reflects onto this community, making it less appealing and inviting to new players.

Community Behaviour Panel composition

This is something we've never really told anyone about in the past, and in terms of individuals on or not on the team, we will continue not to. But, we do not currently have any active league administrators on the panel beyond the current Head of Behaviour Panel samson. We endeavour to ensure that the composition of the panel will always be majority community members. While we feel that there isn't a need for the community to know that, we understand that you as the player place a lot of trust in us to moderate community behaviour in a fair, consistent manner whilst also considering views outside of the administration.

As for input on behavioural reports, the panel works independently and very rarely will ask for assistance from a league administrator. Administrators act as somewhat an arbitrator, with decisions on more complex issues typically being unanimous. Again, this was likely assumed, but we hope this helps ease concerns regarding the process. The process as it currently satisfies the needs we have seen since its inception, and we feel it will continue to serve to protect the experiences of each and every player.

"Community Behaviour Panel" & Reporting

We've updated the inconsistent team name of the Behaviour panel team / Infractions team across the entire website to better reflect what it is, a Community Behaviour Panel. Whilst we are making an effort, in general, to clear up the documentation and our news posts, this is an important first step.

An important second step - is the reporting system. Nothing will change beyond the template when making a report, and the area to make said reports are still the same, but there have been a few crucial changes you need to know about.

  1. The template for reporting behaviour has been moved to the Infractions page (the same has been done with the new Anti-Cheat & You page, but you'll hear more about that later), this has been done to have everything in a central location, and support reporting via our new #ticket-support channel in our Discord.
  2. The link to make a report on has now been moved to the updated Infraction page, and can be found using the Table of Contents at the top of the page.

We hope these changes represent the players' expectations when managing behaviour, and more properly reflect our intentions for this system. The infractions ruleset will be something that sees updates in the future, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything that has been changed, feel free to chuck a DM to core#6440 on discord.

Thread: You aren't ready for this... OZF 34!
core Head Administrator

The ozfortress seasonal league returns with OZF 34! Returning from Ultiduo 16 in the off-season, we have been hard at work introducing changes to the rulesets and documentation on our website, as well as bringing in fixes and changes for OZF 34.

You can sign up for ozfortress season 34 from Sunday the 1st of May, up until Wednesday the 11th of May. We aim to have seeding out by the 14th of May (at the latest, hopefully on the 13th of May) with the season starting on the 15th of May. This gap between the closing of signups and the start of the season is to give the administration team time to seed teams with community input. ozfortress season 34 will begin on Sunday the 15th of May.

[Sign Up!] - [More Info!]

Thread: ozfortress April 2022 Poll
core Head Administrator

ozfortress logo

This poll will be used to collect feedback from everybody in the ozfortress community as a guide for future seasons and competitions. We ask that as many players participate as possible, we are looking to gauge interest in potential changes and additions.

Please send this poll to your team. We want as much input as possible to inform our future decision making! We had initially had a much longer poll planned for this off-season, but are looking to reformat how we do polls to more effectively reach players and collect meaningful feedback that will improve and enhance the direction of ozfortress going into the future.

Please note, we are not collecting email addresses. Google requires them.


Thread: OZF 34 - Player Restrictions
core Head Administrator


This page will show all player class restrictions for players in OZF 34. It will be updated throughout the season with each transfer window.


  • Rei restricted off Scout
  • Face./lunar restricted off Scout
  • Daz restricted off Scout, Soldier & Demoman
  • jane doe restricted off Demoman


  • huffy restricted off Demoman
  • Mio restricted off Scout & Sniper
  • vice restricted off Soldier
  • emgee restricted off Soldier
  • ella restricted off Soldier, Demoman & Sniper


  • K13R7N restricted off Scout
  • luna restricted off Sniper
  • Rahmed restricted from Scout

Thread: OZF 34 - Transfer Windows
core Head Administrator


Our transfers system sees transfers approved every two weeks. Transfers will still be approved on Friday and Saturday between rounds, however, teams should take note of the transfer windows in order to prevent issues with their rosters during the season. Transfers can be requested at any point during the season, however, the players in question will only be reviewed during the transfer window. This means that an approved transfer will only be eligible for use after the next transfer window. The listed transfer windows can be found below.

For applicants to be eligible to play in a particular round, the transfer application must be submitted by 11:59 PM AEST/AEDT time the Thursday of the round before the transfer window.

Sunday 15th May – Thursday 19th May 2022: Round 1
Sunday 22nd May – Thursday 26th May 2022: Round 2

Sunday 15th May – Thursday 26th May 2022: Transfer Window 1

Sunday 29th May – Thursday 2nd June 2022: Round 3
Sunday 5th June – Thursday 9th June 2022: Round 4

Sunday 29th May – Thursday 9th June 2022: Transfer Window 2

Sunday 12th June – Thursday 16th June 2022: Round 5
Sunday 19th June – Thursday 23rd June 2022: Round 6

Sunday 12th June – Thursday 23rd June 2022: Transfer Window 3 (Final Transfer Window & Roster Lock)

Sunday 26th June – Thursday 30th June 2022: Round 7

Thread: OZF 34 - Unlocks
core Head Administrator

View the whitelist at

For Season 34 and beyond, we have decided to move away from the Global Whitelist in favour of our own. As of January 2022, there are no modifications to our whitelist compared to the Global Whitelist, but that may change.

New items added to the game during the season will be banned until the next season. Modification of weapons will be evaluated by the administrative team. Taunts that are silent and/or toggle-able have been banned.

It is the responsibility of the player to not use these weapons in matches. The whitelist not loading or loading incorrectly is not an excuse for using banned items.

Thread: OZF 34 - Key Dates
core Head Administrator


Signups & Seedings Period

Sunday 1st May 2022: Signups Open
Wednesday 11th May 2022: Signups Close, Rosters Locked
Friday 13th / Saturday 14th May 2022: Seedings Released

Season Key Dates

Sunday 15th May – Thursday 19th May 2022: Round 1
Sunday 22nd May – Thursday 26th May 2022: Round 2
Sunday 29th May – Thursday 2nd June 2022: Round 3
Sunday 5th June – Thursday 9th June 2022: Round 4
Sunday 12th June – Thursday 16th June 2022: Round 5
Sunday 19th June – Thursday 23rd June 2022: Round 6
Sunday 26th June – Thursday 30th June 2022: Round 7

Playoffs Key Dates

Sunday 3rd July – Thursday 7th July 2022: Page Playoffs
Sunday 10th July – Thursday 14th July 2022: Semi-Finals
Sunday 17th July – Thursday 21st July 2022: Grand Finals

Grand Finals for Premier will be played as a best of five. All other divisions will be a best of three.


All brackets will be using the page playoff system for their finals. Matches with a single listed date will be locked to that date, those with a range will be negotiated within that range similar to regular-season matches.

Thread: OZF 34 - Administrators
core Head Administrator


ozfortress administrators are responsible for the smooth running of the ozfortress seasonal league. Remain in constant contact with them regarding team issues and potential team instability. They are also available to clarify anything about the rules or procedures of ozfortress competitions.

The best way to get in contact with an administrator is in the #admin-support channel on Discord. Click the following link to join our Discord.

The following people are available to solve issues in your bracket, however, for simple issues, we strongly recommend that you refer to the ruleset. From here, your own division administrators should be your first point of contact, however, if your administrators are not available, others may be able to help.

Season 34 Staff

Head Administrator - core

Premier Administrator - samson
Intermediate Administrator - fez
Main Administrators - chimes
Open Administrator - a team of ants in their prime