core League Director

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Unlike the ozfortress admin team, the identities of the Community Behaviour Panel are kept private excluding the current Head of Behaviour Panel, this is done to protect members from undue reprecussions due to a collective decision. Failure to keep your role within the Community Behaviour Panel private may result in dismissal from the panel including additional penalty. When applying, potential applicants should know the following:

  • We will accept those who have had infractions in the past.
  • We will not be accepting anyone currently serving or whomst recently served a ban.
  • We will not be accepting anyone who currently has a Tier 3 infraction.
  • We may not accept anyone who has specific Tier 2 infractions.

To submit your application, please make a new thread here. Your submission can only be seen by the ozfortress Community Behaviour Panel, League Administrators and yourself.

When submitting an application, use this template:

TF2 Background:

Previous Experience (If applicable):

Why do you think you would be a valuble addition to the Community Behaviour Panel?: