Joined on Fri Apr 28 2023
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ozfortress Sixes Autumn '24 (S39)
  • Joined L9 in High on Thu Feb 1 14:54:52 2024
ozfortress Highlander Autumn '24 (S6) ozfortress Sixes Spring '23 (S38)
  • Joined Spare No Opps in Intermediate on Mon Sep 25 20:50:00 2023
ozfortress Highlander Spring '23 (S5) ozfortress Experimental Cup 2 ozfortress Sixes Season 37 ozfortress Highlander Season 4
  • Joined Boykissers in Open on Tue Jun 20 19:39:34 2023
ozfortress BBall 1: Autumn Action Part 2 ozfortress Ultiduo 17: Autumn Action Part 1
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Thread: Infractions system changes & January 2024 Banwave

thank god that "doc" player is banned, he was an absolute cunt and unbearable person! ozfortress still doing the right things and banning all the bad people for a better community!