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Thread: Infractions system changes & January 2024 Banwave
heavenslept Retired League Admin


Thread: orangutan ganji wins OZF 32 Open!
heavenslept Retired League Admin

Congratulations Open winners orangutan ganji


Process - 5 - 0
Metalworks - 4 - 2
Match Thread

Congratulations to orangutan ganji on winning the OZF 32 Open Grand Final against fakeopenteam.

Open Grand Finals saw first seed orangutan ganji face off against fourth seed fakeopenteam. When these teams previously faced in both Round #4 and Upper-Page Playoffs, orangutan ganji showed dominant performances and won convincingly but this wouldn't deter fakeopenteam who, coming in as underdogs, were ready to make this game as difficult as possible for their opponents and hoping to repeat their dominant win in Semi Finals over Stalin’s Slaves.

Process saw orangutan ganji come flying out of the gates and securing the win with a score line of 5-0 in just 15 minutes off the back of their dm ability and solid coordination between their combo players. But this didn’t deter fakeopenteam as they went on Metalworks.

This was do or die for fakeopenteam and they knew they had to control the pace if they wanted to go to a third map. Metalworks was full of great plays from both teams but, in the end, orangutan ganji were able to secure the win, while fakeopenteam managed to collect themselves when needed and managed to take 2 rounds off their opponents before time ran out.

My pick for most valuable player of the match went to equi. On both maps during the match equi was able to drop the most frags out of everyone and kept his deaths to a minimum, only dying 8 times throughout the series. equi was able to create space and openings for his team through his aggression and dm ability while also being able to deny his opponents from getting key picks when they needed.

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - orangutan ganji
2nd - fakeopenteam
3rd - Stalin's Slaves


Best Demoman: ohnson
Best Medic: valen
Best Pocket: homer
Best Roamer: pipelin12
Best Combo Scout: h0tsnack and equi
Best Flank Scout: megladonny and jaedan
Best Utility: pipelin12

Most Improved Player: duskdtn
Most Valuable Player: ohnson

Friendliest Team: crow time
Most Improved Team: south asia
Best Dressed Team: fakeopenteam and orangutan ganji
Best Caster: seinfeld

Thread: ozfortress ban: Gravemind
heavenslept Retired League Admin

see you in 6 months

Thread: OZF 29 - Voting Nominations
heavenslept Retired League Admin

Team Name: monke juice
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Combo Scout: Bigweld
Best Flank Scout: MonsterGunner
Best Pocket Soldier: DesertBuggy
Best Roaming Soldier: Pepse
Best Medic: Pedil
Best Demoman: Chimes
Best Utility: MonsterGunner
Most Improved Player: Deserbuggy

Thread: ozfortress July 2020 banwave
heavenslept Retired League Admin

jarry from wagga wrote:

gronk energy wrote:

Chimes. wrote:

rip sheep gone too soon, accuracy god :(

wonder why

if you think sheep was hacking jarry, bit of a yikes

Thread: ozfortress July 2020 banwave
heavenslept Retired League Admin

rip sheep gone too soon, accuracy god :(