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Susu has played in 10 leagues:

ozfortress Sixes Autumn '24 (S39) ozfortress Sixes Spring '23 (S38) ozfortress Experimental Cup 2 ozfortress Sixes Season 29 OZFORTRESS ISOLATION DEVASTATION 2020 ozfortress Sixes Season 28 ozfortress Sixes Season 27 ozfortress: A Midsummer Night's Cup 2020
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ozfortress Sixes Season 26 ozfortress Sixes Season 25
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Thread: Sixes Spring '23 (S38): Award Nominations

Team Name: Justin Timberlake
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): High
Best Combo Scout: reign
Best Flank Scout: susu
Best Pocket Soldier: hef
Best Roaming Soldier: adrian
Best Medic: freaky
Best Demoman: doc
Best Utility: susu
Most Improved Player: adrian

Thread: ozfortress July 2020 banwave

its a massacre, and you're the victim!

Thread: OZF 27 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: twig today at 4:20 @everyone I'm horny
Division: intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: fez
Best Flank Scout: susu
Best Pocket Soldier: ace
Best Roaming Soldier: adolo
Best Medic: shy
Best Demoman: bitler
Best Utility: susu
Most Improved Player: bitler

Thread: ozfortress ban: Joshchap


Thread: OZF 25 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: ?Questionable
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Pocket Scout: Susu
Best Flank Scout: Smazza
Best Pocket Soldier: Cowz
Best Roaming Soldier: Tris
Best Medic: Raina
Best Demoman: Bitler
Best Utility: Cowz
Most Improved Player:Smazza