catfish Head of Anti-Cheat & Retired League Director

This thread is for nominating your players for the best-in-class awards for ozfortress season 27.This thread will be used by admins to collects the rosters of each team for voting, which will happen at a later date.

Captains are asked to please respond to this thread with the completed template below by the Sunday the 29th of March! Please save replies for nominations only and not discussion. Only 1 reply per team.

Failure to submit nominations will result in you and your team being unable to receive any awards.

Strictly follow the format below, as I will be using an automated script to process this data.

Team Name:
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open):
Best Pocket Scout:
Best Flank Scout:
Best Pocket Soldier:
Best Roaming Soldier:
Best Medic:
Best Demoman:
Best Utility:
Most Improved Player:

catfish Head of Anti-Cheat & Retired League Director

Team Name: Salt Free Gaming.
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: catfish
Best Flank Scout: skaz
Best Pocket Soldier: The Wiggin
Best Roaming Soldier: Zildjian
Best Medic: snazzy
Best Demoman: Blank
Best Utility: skaz
Most Improved Player: snazzy

core League Director

Team Name: Redstone Engineers
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Pocket Scout: Eternal
Best Flank Scout: aino
Best Pocket Soldier: RRLUCKY
Best Roaming Soldier: Mio
Best Medic: core
Best Demoman: shifta
Best Utility: Mio
Most Improved Player: obla

Team Name: NoG
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Pocket Scout: susurrus
Best Flank Scout: silvodox
Best Pocket Soldier: Doge.exe
Best Roaming Soldier: HERTZ
Best Medic: lock
Best Demoman: enrith
Best Utility: Doge.exe
Most Improved Player: silvodox

Team Name: back 2 the bones daycare
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): open
Best Pocket Scout: space
Best Flank Scout: olaf
Best Pocket Soldier: Tank Drop
Best Roaming Soldier: moomoo
Best Medic: dizzy
Best Demoman: chief
Best Utility: olaf
Most Improved Player: moomoo

Team Name: refrigerator zeej pty ltd
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): premier
Best Pocket Scout: b25
Best Flank Scout: starbucks
Best Pocket Soldier: Trumpet
Best Roaming Soldier: pause
Best Medic: ory
Best Demoman: quid
Best Utility: starbucks
Most Improved Player: raised

Team Name: Octowang
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: Precious
Best Flank Scout: Scandalous!
Best Pocket Soldier: Melons
Best Roaming Soldier: Shakey
Best Medic: Xander
Best Demoman: Will :L
Best Utility: Precious
Most Improved Player: Precious

Team Name:The Zoo
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open):Open
Best Pocket Scout: Swary
Best Flank Scout: Hazza
Best Pocket Soldier: Jamuel
Best Roaming Soldier: Str
Best Medic: Bea
Best Demoman: Steak
Best Utility: Swary
Most Improved Player: Steak