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bill has played in 7 leagues:

ozfortress season 29 ozfortress season 28 State v State 2020 ozfortress season 26
  • Joined white noise in Intermediate on Tue Sep 17 06:38:16 2019
ozfortress season 25
  • Joined white noise in Intermediate on Mon May 27 10:41:24 2019
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Thread: ozfortress ban: Papapatooie

5 years!? tf did they do

Thread: OZF 28 - Frag Highlight Submissions

Player Alias: Raelen, Susu, bill, Bitler, tal(?)
Teams: whats our name vs superheroes.
Bracket: Intermediate
Round: Grand Finals
Tick: 10000
What to look for: goated last hold saves golden cap and the match
can get POVs if you want

Thread: ozfortress July 2020 banwave

donkeyhead wrote:

u tryna say racists shouldn't be banned lol

ban them all

Thread: ozfortress July 2020 banwave

enter image description here

Thread: ozfortress ban: mayyy

JD wrote:

This is bullshit

Thread: OwO


Thread: State v State 2020 - Player Signups

Your Discord ID: bill#3035
Your State: QLD
Your Preferred Classes: Pocket Scout, Flank Scout
Preferred Role: Core, Sub

Thread: ozfortress December 2019 Poll

bye kalinka!

Thread: OZF 26 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: white noise
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: bill
Best Flank Scout: beni
Best Pocket Soldier: T39O
Best Roaming Soldier: john the asian
Best Medic: remorse
Best Demoman: prankmonkey
Best Utility: beni
Most Improved Player: T39O

Thread: ozfortress ban: mute-god