core League Director

This thread is for nominating your players for the best-in-class awards for Highlander Season 3. This thread will be used by admins to collect the rosters of each team for voting, which will happen at a later date.

Captains are asked to respond to this thread with the completed template below by Friday the 5th of May 2023! Please save replies for nominations only and not discussion. Only one reply per team.

Failure to submit nominations will result in you and your team being unable to receive any awards or be eligible for in-game medals. While this may seem harsh, we do this so every team is able to nominate a player of their choice. If you wish to be excluded for a specific reason, please reach out to your division administrator.

Strictly follow the format below, as we will be using an automated script to process this data.

Team Name:
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open):
Best Scout:
Best Soldier:
Best Pyro:
Best Demoman:
Best Heavy:
Best Engineer:
Best Medic:
Best Sniper:
Best Spy:
Most Improved Player:

Team Name: 6pm Curfew ℗
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Intermediate
Best Scout: Bobo
Best Soldier: dave orit
Best Pyro: hive
Best Demoman: Golden Terrestrial
Best Heavy: Pancakelover
Best Engineer: Oldcustard
Best Medic: Bluemmy
Best Sniper: it has been ages
Most Improved Player: Pancakelover

multi Sixes Head Admin

Team Name: fuck it we brawl
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Open
Best Scout: Lain
Best Soldier: jarryfromwagga
Best Pyro: john the asian
Best Demoman: multi
Best Heavy: ¿Valeyard?
Best Engineer: Zepi
Best Medic: epsilon
Best Sniper: Ferro
Best Spy: gus
Most Improved Player: gus

Team Name: Significant Otter
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Intermediate
Best Scout: Dott
Best Soldier: Jv
Best Pyro: Lore
Best Demoman: Beats
Best Heavy: Zinsh
Best Engineer: Fresh101
Best Medic: Woozy
Best Sniper: Sunnyday
Best Spy: Speedy
Most Improved Player: Fresh101

Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Premier
Best Scout: cooleverest
Best Soldier: Pride
Best Pyro: Relz
Best Demoman: <user>
Best Heavy: wizward
Best Engineer: wasteman
Best Medic: silent
Best Sniper: Golden Terrestrial
Best Spy: Daggerman105
Most Improved Player: Golden Terrestrial

Team Name: Goofy goobers
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): open
Best Scout: op
Best Soldier: ScremingEgle
Best Pyro: Brixton
Best Demoman: Xstroyer
Best Heavy: Fatheavy
Best Engineer: haste
Best Medic: Shneersh
Best Sniper: Diavolo Diablo
Best Spy: Hiccups
Most Improved Player: Hiccups

Kai Highlander League Admin

Team Name: The Bakes Team
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Intermediate
Best Scout: Pipelin12
Best Soldier: Fuzz
Best Pyro: Rainy
Best Demoman: Underpressure
Best Heavy: Fade
Best Engineer: Bakes
Best Medic: Kai
Best Sniper: Exquizit
Best Spy: TheatreTechie
Most Improved Player: Fuzz

Team Name: red pandas
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): prem
Best Scout: sheep
Best Soldier: jd
Best Pyro: liquid
Best Demoman: doge
Best Heavy: nurf
Best Engineer: sexy turtle
Best Medic: cows
Best Sniper: ohai
Best Spy: devils
Most Improved Player: devils