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Thread: Drum N Bass
Tricka • Patron

Kacper Blair wrote:

I love to hear drum and bass when im playing action games, like shooters or pvp releated rpgs.

nice! here's some more then :)

Thread: State v State 2020 - Player Signups
Tricka • Patron

Your Discord ID: Tricka#5068
Your State: ACT
Your Preferred Classes: Soldier, Demo, Scout, Med (in order of preference)
Preferred Role: Core

Thread: TF2 Frag Video Thread
Tricka • Patron
Thread: Drum N Bass
Tricka • Patron

Ronm8 wrote:

dubstep can suck a bag of dicks m8 soz not soz

fair cop it aint for everyone

Thread: Drum N Bass
Tricka • Patron

Where's me dubstep heads?

Fire tune from one half of a duo we've booked in the Berra ;)

And since I can't get over Current Value... this music video just dropped and omg :O

Thread: Drum N Bass
Tricka • Patron

This ones huge.
Weighty remix from Flite

and a murder tune from Current Value that just dropped recently :O

Thread: Drum N Bass
Tricka • Patron

Ronm8 wrote:

bass on this one is large

Benny Page is a don ay. that one's a classic

Is half-time cool here too?

Thread: Drum N Bass
Tricka • Patron

One o my faves from Chase & Status

Thread: Drum N Bass
Tricka • Patron

Mio wrote:

wait you know lockjaw? he has some sick tracks man

Yep! Even got him booked for a gig here that I haven't announced yet :D

That Clamps LP went straight into my bp cart, damn

Speaking of Eatbrain tho...

Thread: Drum N Bass
Tricka • Patron

and some wide bass biz from Emperor