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Joined on Sun Jun 10 2018

fuzz has played in 10 leagues:

ozfortress Experimental Cup 1 ozfortress Highlander Season 1
  • Joined Mega Chippy in Open on Wed Jun 8 22:59:11 2022
ozfortress Sixes Season 34
  • Joined Avo's Cados in Intermediate on Wed May 11 20:35:37 2022
CappingTV Summer Brawl 2022
  • Joined raw beef in Open on Sat Jan 15 00:18:44 2022
  • Left raw beef in Open on Fri Jan 14 20:26:21 2022
  • Joined raw beef in Open on Thu Jan 13 23:50:54 2022
ozfortress Sixes Season 33 ozfortress Winter League 2021 ozfortress Sixes Season 31
  • Joined humblegods in Open on Sat Jun 5 20:35:57 2021
ozfortress Sixes Season 25 ozfortress Sixes Season 24 ozfortress Sixes Season 23
  • Joined Bali Bogans in Open on Wed Sep 12 20:28:46 2018
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Thread: ozfortress banwave: August 2022

Damn at least leave enough for Season 35 to fill up 💀

Thread: ozfortress bans: bible & lightning

enter image description here

Thread: August Infraction Update


Thread: ozfortress ban: magnett

wtf (what the frick) this isn't the Smokey "BIBLE" Zeuz ban thread

Thread: OZF HL 1 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: Mega Chippy
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Open
Best Scout: mtndrew
Best Soldier: fuzz
Best Pyro: Trash
Best Demoman: Duckypus
Best Heavy: DANTE
Best Engineer: noahsun
Best Medic: woozy
Best Sniper: stamm
Best Spy: Zeal
Most Improved Player: noahsun

Thread: ozfortress ban: adolo


Thread: ozfortress x Respawn League + ozfortress Highlander Season 1

The final nail in the coffin for ozfortress

Thread: Infractions ruleset changes

enter image description here

Thread: ozfortress season 33 - Community Frag Video

Alias: fuzz
Round: Lower Page Playoffs
Team Name: Forklift Certified
Demo Ticks: 29100
Brief description of the clip: airshot on med
Demo Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WQO1AOrO8EGwiyUwru79EtNznVqg6WyI/view?usp=sharing

Thread: OZF 33 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: Forklift Certified
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Combo Scout: mtndrew
Best Flank Scout: cj31
Best Pocket Soldier: fuzz
Best Roaming Soldier: klebs
Best Medic: Zeal
Best Demoman: Duckypus
Best Utility: cj31
Most Improved Player: Duckypus