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Over the last quarter of 2022 our Infraction team in coordination with our league administration, has created a highly-requested ban review system. Whilst named “Ban Appeals”, the system will act more as an early “good behaviour” unban, where those whose appeal is accepted will still serve out the probation period assigned to them after their ban would typically expire.

This system is applicable only to Infraction threshold bans, and there are no plans to expand it to other ban types/conditions as of now. ozfortress has always ensured that we only issue bans we will stand behind, and are sure of beyond reasonable doubt. Due to the nature of Anti-Cheat bans, they will not be eligible for this appeal system, nor will any other ban type (for now). This system will undoubtedly see evolution throughout 2023 and beyond, and we are open to feedback on this process.

To be eligible for Ban Appeals, the following criteria should be observed:

  1. Banned user needs to have served 75% of their total ban duration.
  2. Banned users’ behaviour during their ban period should not conflict with our Infractions ruleset or our Community Guidelines.

As mentioned earlier, we are open to receiving feedback on this system, and will continue to refine and evolve the system going forward, but expect the typical new system teething issues and clarifications on how certain processes will work. The system is live and can be found under the Help dropdown found at the top of the website.

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