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Increase in Infractions

Since the inception of the infractions system, we have seen a gentle increase in the number of infractions delivered on players within ozfortress. There are arguably many factors that have caused this increase, and we're aware of our own effect on that increase. However, in 2022 we have noticed an increase outside of our own influence on the infraction system and in a 5-month period between February 27th 2022 to July 30th 2022, 44 infractions have been handed down to players. Of those 44 infractions, 33 have been Tier 3 infractions, with Tier 2 infractions hitting only 6, and Tier 1 infractions closely following with 5. Of the 33 Tier 3 infractions, 28 of them were for "General bigotry/use of derogatory slurs against an individual or group" (16) or "Discrimination of any kind" (12). This in comparison with our infractions in 2021, is a significant increase over any period prior to the 5-month period described above. We will continue to observe the changes in the volume of infractions, but we figured there are people who may have been curious as to how many infractions we hand out, and some insight into which infractions we typically deal with.


Probation period for offenders

We've heard from players that many feel those who re-offend after serving a ban period are not being hit hard enough, and this is something we have also felt internally. With that in mind, we are looking to reintroduce a refined probation system to our Infraction Threshold bans. With this new probation period, offenders can expect increased penalties when incurring infractions. These increased penalties can be seen below.

  • Tier 3 infractions are now worth double the points and will incur a 1-year ban instantly.
  • Tier 2 infractions are now worth 10 more points, bringing their total to 30 points. This will mean two Tier 2 offences will also land the individual a 1-year ban.
  • Tier 1 infractions are now worth 20 points, again another bump of 10 points. Three of these offences would incur a 1-year ban.

The probation period for those who have just served an infraction threshold ban is 12 months. Once you have served this probation period, you will be out of probation, and gain infractions at their typical point amounts.

Infraction changes

This time around, there are only a couple of changes.


  • T1: Failure to run proper alias / fake nicking in a cast of an official match by an approved casting organisation.

We are working on tools to solve aliasing issues within casted matches. We have found that while we can continue to infract players for failing to follow the rules around this infraction, the workload of doing so isn't justified. This does not mean we will be lenient on aliases, quite the opposite. We plan to make changes to name change requests and team names going forward.


  • Destructive server administration / Failure to follow config/format limitations.

Whilst more typically involved in instances of throwing, we feel that we need to add this infraction to further police server administration and failure to follow (as the clause says) config limitations such as; player restrictions, format restrictions, class limitations, player numbers, etc.

Update on infraction members

We mentioned previously that we wouldn't state who is on the Behaviour Panel, but there have been some amendments to this. We give any administrators looking to join the team the option to remain private, but out of the interest of transparency, we ask that administrators on the Behaviour Panel are publicly listed. So, we welcome our first public member, Bakes.

We hope these changes represent the players' expectations when managing behaviour, and more properly reflect our intentions for this system. The infractions ruleset will be something that sees updates in the future, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything that has been changed, feel free to chuck a DM to core#6440 on discord.

The ozfortress staff team.

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So this is what happens when people with agendas get control in leagues. Makes me glad I stopped playing.


see u guys in a year

Welcome Bakes can't wait to get infracted by you!

guys i think ozfortress might have a bigotry problem

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