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Annabelle has played in 16 leagues:

ozfortress Ultiduo 18: May Madness '24 ozfortress Sixes Spring '23 (S38) ozfortress Highlander Spring '23 (S5) ozfortress Sixes Season 37 ozfortress Highlander Season 4 ozfortress Ultiduo 17: Autumn Action Part 1 LAN Downunder 2023
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ozfortress Sixes Season 36 ozfortress Highlander Season 3 ozfortress: A Midsummer Night's Highlander Cup 2023 ozfortress: A Midsummer Night's Sixes Cup 2023 ozfortress Highlander Season 2 ozfortress Highlander Season 1 ozfortress Sixes Season 30 ozfortress Sixes Season 26 ozfortress Sixes Season 25
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Thread: ozfortress Ban: Half Evil / emo / wally west / rockstarmade

very cool banning him for behaviour now do the cheating smile

Thread: ozfortress Ban: Half Evil / emo / wally west / rockstarmade

kovaaks idiocy couldnt save us

Thread: Highlander Season 4: Award Nominations

Team Name: Anna and The Gripmunks
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Intermediate
Best Scout: silent*
Best Soldier: indy and her jones
Best Pyro: indrid
Best Demoman: REMU
Best Heavy: relz
Best Engineer: voladile
Best Medic: xaevra
Best Sniper: annabelle
Best Spy: cookies
Most Improved Player: REMU