aka Jamuel
Joined on Tue Dec 11 2018

jamuel has played in 14 leagues:

ozfortress Sixes Autumn '24 (S39) ozfortress Sixes Spring '23 (S38) ozfortress Sixes Season 35 ozfortress Highlander Season 1
  • Joined dragon in Intermediate on Thu Jun 9 23:44:03 2022
ozfortress Sixes Season 33 ozfortress Sixes Season 32
  • Joined lawn mowers in High on Tue Oct 5 23:07:04 2021
ozfortress Sixes Season 31
  • Joined sugma in Main on Mon May 17 21:52:10 2021
ozfortress Autumn Cup 2021
  • Joined milf hunting in Intermediate on Sat Apr 24 22:20:55 2021
ozfortress Summer Cup 2021
  • Joined bp. in Division 2 on Wed Dec 2 21:59:57 2020
OZFORTRESS ISOLATION DEVASTATION 2020 ozfortress Sixes Season 28
  • Joined MTIN in Main on Fri Jun 5 20:34:57 2020
ozfortress Sixes Season 27
  • Joined The Zoo in Open on Mon Jan 20 03:21:36 2020
ozfortress: A Midsummer Night's Cup 2020
  • Joined The Zoo in Open on Thu Jan 9 23:53:27 2020
ozfortress: A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019 #1
  • Joined sled gang in Open on Thu Dec 13 23:15:33 2018
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Thread: Sixes S35 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: globus clan
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Combo Scout: trev
Best Flank Scout: hif
Best Pocket Soldier: jamuel
Best Roaming Soldier: yeah?
Best Medic: L0RD 80T1CUS 0F 80TSW4N4
Best Demoman: paray
Best Utility: hif
Most Improved Player: hif

Thread: OZF 33 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: Mork and friends
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Combo Scout: john
Best Flank Scout: Ethan.
Best Pocket Soldier: mork
Best Roaming Soldier: Harry
Best Medic: andrew
Best Demoman: Adrian
Best Utility: John
Most Improved Player: Harry

Thread: OZF 32 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: lawn mowers
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): High
Best Combo Scout: andrew
Best Flank Scout: trev
Best Pocket Soldier: paray
Best Roaming Soldier: auz
Best Medic: harry
Best Demoman: durpy
Best Utility: auz
Most Improved Player: durpy