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Thread: Sixes Autumn '24 (S39): Award Nominations

Team Name: KACHOW
Division: Inter
Best Combo Scout: Xanny
Best Flank Scout: Croppy
Best Pocket Soldier: Vortex
Best Roaming Soldier: Kake
Best Medic: 95
Best Demoman: Bill
Best Utility: Xanny
Most Improved Player: Croppy

Thread: ozfortress Ban: clynic / zore

I went down to my local church and saw zore making food for the homeless and giving his hard earned centrelink dollars to the sick and needy. How could such an upstanding and God fearing member of our community be banned like this? I hope we will all be keeping zore in our prayers as he will surely be praying for us.


Thread: OZF 26 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: Auz Fanclub
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Pocket Scout: cooleverest
Best Flank Scout: sky
Best Pocket Soldier: ekaC (kahki)
Best Roaming Soldier: duk
Best Medic: Quack
Best Demoman: frydog
Best Utility: cooleverest
Most Improved Player: Quack