mune kei

aka sky., Gurney, foogle, demonstration man
Joined on Sat Jan 21 2017

mune kei has played in 16 leagues:

ozfortress season 30
  • Joined monkeysoup in Intermediate on Wed Jan 27 20:22:50 2021
ozfortress season 28 ozfortress season 27
  • Joined DrugLab in Intermediate on Sun Jan 26 21:42:18 2020
ozfortress season 26
  • Joined #forjosh in Intermediate on Tue Sep 24 20:03:31 2019
ozfortress season 25 Ultiduo 13 ozfortress season 24
  • Joined Perfect storm in Intermediate on Tue Jan 29 21:16:26 2019
A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019 #1
  • Joined Decadence in Intermediate on Sun Dec 16 00:41:37 2018
ozfortress season 23 Revival Cup 2018 ozfortress season 22 ozfortress season 21 A Midsummer Night's Cup 2 2018 A Midsummer Night's Cup 1 2018 ozfortress season 20 ozfortress season 18
  • Joined iDeserve in Open on Thu Feb 9 19:48:17 2017
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can we ban callouts such as "he's raped" or insults like "faggot"?
i believe its only appropriate to get a pass on these words if you've personally been a victim of sexual assault or are a homosexual.

thank you ozfortress admins for making this league a safespace.

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unban joshchap.

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catfish on an ace rn.

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I always knew you were a shifty cunt