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Congratulations Intermediate winners what the fuck am i doing


Sunshine - [4 - 3] (1) (2) (GC)
Product - 3 - 0

Congratulations to what the fuck am i doing on winning the OZF 27 Intermediate Grand Final against dream circle jerk.

what the fuck am i doing hit a couple of roadblocks on the way through their season, but coming to their final match, they brought something that dream circle jerk didn’t have, and it showed later in the series. what the fuck am i doing opened the first map with a strong showing, but dream circle jerk quickly responded with an equal showing, uncharacteristic judging by their two prior engagements with this finale opponent. With the first map pick falling to the favoured seed, what the fuck am i doing chose to start the finale off with Sunshine, and opened the set with a convincing midfight win. With what the fuck am i doing taking the first round after a five minute heat, dream circle jerk managed to open the next few rounds with fairly even midfight wins and ended up converting most of their midfight wins into rounds. Bringing the set to 1 - 3, dream circle jerk pulled off an exceptional early lead in the first ten minutes of the match, but what the fuck am i doing managed to claw back control by winning three midfights and converting two more rounds, bringing the score to a tie. While this map was plagued with technical difficulties, both teams had finally made it to the Golden Cap, and concluding a tight set, what the fuck am i doing took the round in just five minutes after taking the middle point.

The next map was Product, picked by dream circle jerk who most likely needed it as a comfort pick after the nail-biter that was Sunshine, but coming into this map they needed a change of mindset and pacing. However, this was only to the advantage of what the fuck am i doing. Leading the first round to a convincing win after the last map would be hard, but what the fuck am i doing not only took the first round after winning the midfight but also managed to convert the second round after losing that midfight, showing their superior adaptability. By taking the third round and the map 3-0, what the fuck am i doing took the series 2 - 0 in part of an impressive 500 DPM performance by Bonk, with them finally winning Intermediate and continuing on their trend of improving placements. With this, they became your ozfortress season 27 Intermediate champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - what the fuck am i doing
2nd - dream circle jerk
3rd - DrugLab


Champions: what the fuck am i doing
Best Demoman: Bonk
Best Medic: Ravu4
Best Pocket: feggie
Best Roamer: seraph
Best Pocket Scout: davi
Best Flank Scout: weaponfire
Best Utility: seraph

Most Improved Player: Daz
Most Valuable Player: Bonk

Friendliest Team: Octowang
Most Improved Team: twig Today
Best Dressed Team: what the fuck am i doing
Best Caster: Elmo.

why you are using so many swear words..

Will :L: I am here to announce Octowang will be transitioning into highlander next season

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jane doe wrote:

why you are using so many swear words..




thanks for voting for me guys ggs :)