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Thread: ozfortress league season coaching & development

still lookin' for few more candidates

Thread: small idea for the site



New players needed almost 10-15 seconds to mobilise together to the sound cue of a main call, this is a lot of wasted seconds by any experienced player's standard; toxicity tends to brew during this period as ADHD & ADD symptoms within younger demographics & those from lower-socioeconomic areas or even middle to upper tend to be left without resolution to addictions & dysfunction.

source pls

yeah, most of this statement is my own speculation from observing icebreaker for a year or so; pugs with new players intermixed with exp players was always interesting. I admit it's just a theory of mine; my bias will lie in how I perceive adhd from a bipolar disorder's perspective & interact with people with a proper diagnosis.

Open / new players needing more seconds is through me confirming via icebreaker / vod reviews.

I did population health cert3 2015: socioeconomic knowledge. fitness cert3&4 2017 / diploma remedial massage 2018; other study stems from self research in overall health as continued learning is a requirement of practicing therapists & personal trainers, I can't provide sources on all my knowledge in health.

The Body Keeps Score - Bessel van der Kolk. This one goes into a lot of ADHD / ADD / general dysfunction in youth, it's more applicable today I feel but in a different context as technology advances. This is more applicable I think to ozfortress due to the younger demographic in lower divisions. rly nice read, goes into great detail about trauma / stress / pain and how it impacts development & adults. edit: i'd have to re-read the book to find the exact pages, took me a while to read this one.

there's one last source I need to dig up, I've forgotten the name of it, is a podcast i'm fond of.

I do recall stress makes add / adhd presenting symptoms worse or more there of, which probably explains a majority of poor behaviour within ozf by today's standard, ofc this was present in 2008-2018 but I have a feel it's gotten to a point of absurdism within the community

With so much more access to substances or abuse; poor mitigation of this issueon Coalition's cuts to public healthcare, it's no ones fault really Australia is in this pocket of a dynamic.

I understand ozf is rly small but it doesn't rly excuse anything in the grand scheme of it.

Thread: ozfortress league season coaching & development

Eyo, Bunneez aka Benneez here,

Been a player of ozfortress since ozf winter league 3 and so.

I am looking to coach hard until I have to leave Australia for study come February.

You might know me from founding icebreaker back in 2016, I deleted the server after I had collected enough data.

Upon seeing the divide between Competitive & Casual was still abundant I restarted the icebreaker server on a whim, sometime 2019; I did not expect the server to grow to the size it did.

2016 icebreaker was much easier to run as it was 10-12 groups with 2 mentors per group, this event style icebreaker is my much preferred modality; I've found there is simply not much substance with pick up games as they're a mixed bag of stability & morale amongst team members.

With experienced players comes mixed levels of discipline to operate in a team, this has always been an issue I've struggled with when selecting players to run with Ripe Strategy or within Icebreaker, it is difficult to understand which players will run with who unless you have accurate knowledge of players, which again; is hard to do unless you're willing to write it down.

I've always preferred seasons. 8 weeks / 8 rounds to get up to speed and make it to top 4 and have a chance for first place.

I love running new players & experienced players together and attempting to win a season, it'll always be my hidden joy.

owl10 Ripe Strategy began at division 5 but, after almost failing Year 11 @ Canberra College... come end of season we were scrimming division 2 and holding our own.

Even in our ozfortress league title match with Team Immunity; was an exercise in mentality, fortitude & insanity as we pushed ourselves to win no matter what and even if we weren't able to touch the point aside from our roamer & scouts, it didn't even feel like a defeat.

While I don't have time to scrim 5 nights a week, 2 hours per night anymore... I do still love mentoring and this is much the reason I retired as I looked to improve new players.

If you wish to apply for ripe strategy teams come next season, I will listen to you & run you through some trials relative to your skill level.

It is rare I take you through an actual game as a trial, the interview & theory talk and getting to know my players is much more important in my eyes, for this is how you infer how you might play on the battlefield with myself or a trusted ripe mercenary; hand picked by yours truly.

Every second of every map matters and the sooner you can ascertain flow state & operate without fear of your enemy is how you win the season.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe in me, all that matters is you rock up to scrims or demo reviews on time; and listen for the call to arms on game days.

Add: Bunneez#8698 on discord or my preferred method-

You may drop out whenever you feel like, only those seeking glory should remain with my team(s).


Warmest Regards

Ben Bunneez Acs

Thread: small idea for the site

bit of a tangent, I noticed when mentoring groups within icebreaker 'events'; (not pugs, that's bit of a hell hole imo)

New players needed almost 10-15 seconds to mobilise together to the sound cue of a main call, this is a lot of wasted seconds by any experienced player's standard; toxicity tends to brew during this period as ADHD & ADD symptoms within younger demographics & those from lower-socioeconomic areas or even middle to upper tend to be left without resolution to addictions & dysfunction.

I believe a lot of ozfortress could be altered in a much more tolerable method, as it is quite dysfunctional from my point of view.

Seeing as internet culture has shifted so greatly from old forum postings to instant messaging etc, there's a lot more than this at play but my study path is slowly shifting away from this kind of thing so, I probably will say good bye to ozf come December, at least till I finish my studies & go travelling <3

thx for replying btw, nice to see some non-ripe participation.

Thread: small idea for the site


But bunneez what are you trying to accomplish here? Personally I enjoy 6's more because I find, sniper, pyro, engi and heavy to slow the game down to much for my taste and that high level of team communication is rare to find but like 6's, when it's good it can be very fun. But, it doesn't really matter if a gamer likes 6's or HL more, we all like TF2 and should be allowed to enjoy whatever way we chose to play it. Perhaps we should use this merger as an opportunity to change the narrative surrounding 6's vs Highlander and should bond over our enjoyment of this amazing game rather than try to divide our communities over the different ways we enjoy to play it, highlander offers a freindly community and place for all the players who don't main a 6's class to play the game competitivly with slightly less individual pressure than 6's. Just play the game how you want to play it and don't bring other people down, it's doesn't make the game any more fun for you.

u can do better than this vivi:(

how many bans do u need b4 u grow into something tasty, so unripe lmao

But the idea is to give a visual map for new players to make cognitive & critical decisions when pushing points and such.

RPE of experienced players participating within the league should be reviewed closely as the experienced begin to rack up thousands of hours :)

It isn't unheard of to forget how to teach new players, or force one's cognitive bias upon them.

Any non-player centric idea giving new players lessons is important as it can be free of bias & reviewed in a communal way.

A lot of this is within Icebreaker philosophy, I am not too sure what happens there anymore since I left.

Thread: ozfortress ban: adolo

imagine, ripe is not proud.

this sours our owl10 victory over the great team adolo, shame.

Thread: small idea for the site

Got some refreshed ideas from chatting with mates about what I'm imagining

will cook up a more detailed post later.

Thread: small idea for the site

is too short (minimum is 10 characters)

Thread: small idea for the site

eyo, Benjamin 'ere.

sleep been outta whack cos of pain, little bit tired so not going to go so in-depth as I normally would.

I've have this idea a long long time, sorta around 2013 ish.

Though I lack the technical know how to put it together, wanted to throw it up for others to chew at.

Essentially, in 2013 when I was grinding hardcore with Ripe in owl10, all of my mentors had a particular way of wanting to push certain points.

I always found this interesting.

Over time, I began to memorise them, it was when tstm was mentoring my team that I realised how much time we were wasting.

So, for the remainder of season.. we practiced even harder... reducing every second wasted, down as far as we could.

Until I could think just fast enough to make calls every second.

Anyway, this isn't important

what is- is the thing for this site.

I thought

Why not have a way for people to see this? like a visual map.

So lets say here

we're 5 up demo med on point holding garage, pocket @ catwalk, scouts holding crates, roamer is up in 3.

The enemy might be down med, we don't know we're they're holding.

What's the obvious direction to push? This is hard for someone who doesn't know.

So obviously the demo should head through garage right, biggest choke to push through, scout can hold passive right on crates, pocket can dip in & out of catwalk 'n' pocket scout can join in clearning garage at a safe distance.


Ok so we're in garage now what?


Can confirm where the enemy is right, holding passively back.

Right, we already know their roamer is up and their pocket sacked trying to down our med, so what's the play?*2

This could be another directional input on a visualiser map for users to use, when hovered over it explains the pros / cons .
I hope you can get the idea from this alone, my iboprofen / nurofen combo kickin' in ^_^

If you would like further explanation, please let me know as I know exactly how it should look, just need a visual artist to make it look nice, a coder guy to do the thing with things and uhhh I dunno, volunteer stuff.


night guys, take it easy now.

Thread: ozfortress Highlander Season 1 signups now open!

man, HL so underrated.

still remember sperkle teaching me all there was to know like it was yesterday.

idk why it gets such a bad rep, it's good fun.