Eyo, Bunneez aka Benneez here,

Been a player of ozfortress since ozf winter league 3 and so.

I am looking to coach hard until I have to leave Australia for study come February.

You might know me from founding icebreaker back in 2016, I deleted the server after I had collected enough data.

Upon seeing the divide between Competitive & Casual was still abundant I restarted the icebreaker server on a whim, sometime 2019; I did not expect the server to grow to the size it did.

2016 icebreaker was much easier to run as it was 10-12 groups with 2 mentors per group, this event style icebreaker is my much preferred modality; I've found there is simply not much substance with pick up games as they're a mixed bag of stability & morale amongst team members.

With experienced players comes mixed levels of discipline to operate in a team, this has always been an issue I've struggled with when selecting players to run with Ripe Strategy or within Icebreaker, it is difficult to understand which players will run with who unless you have accurate knowledge of players, which again; is hard to do unless you're willing to write it down.

I've always preferred seasons. 8 weeks / 8 rounds to get up to speed and make it to top 4 and have a chance for first place.

I love running new players & experienced players together and attempting to win a season, it'll always be my hidden joy.

owl10 Ripe Strategy began at division 5 but, after almost failing Year 11 @ Canberra College... come end of season we were scrimming division 2 and holding our own.

Even in our ozfortress league title match with Team Immunity; was an exercise in mentality, fortitude & insanity as we pushed ourselves to win no matter what and even if we weren't able to touch the point aside from our roamer & scouts, it didn't even feel like a defeat.

While I don't have time to scrim 5 nights a week, 2 hours per night anymore... I do still love mentoring and this is much the reason I retired as I looked to improve new players.

If you wish to apply for ripe strategy teams come next season, I will listen to you & run you through some trials relative to your skill level.

It is rare I take you through an actual game as a trial, the interview & theory talk and getting to know my players is much more important in my eyes, for this is how you infer how you might play on the battlefield with myself or a trusted ripe mercenary; hand picked by yours truly.

Every second of every map matters and the sooner you can ascertain flow state & operate without fear of your enemy is how you win the season.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe in me, all that matters is you rock up to scrims or demo reviews on time; and listen for the call to arms on game days.

Add: Bunneez#8698 on discord or my preferred method-
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002924796/

You may drop out whenever you feel like, only those seeking glory should remain with my team(s).


Warmest Regards

Ben Bunneez Acs

shjow us your badges!!!enter image description here

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still lookin' for few more candidates