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Thread: Highlander S3 - Award Nominations

Team Name: 6pm Curfew ℗
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Intermediate
Best Scout: Bobo
Best Soldier: dave orit
Best Pyro: hive
Best Demoman: Golden Terrestrial
Best Heavy: Pancakelover
Best Engineer: Oldcustard
Best Medic: Bluemmy
Best Sniper: it has been ages
Most Improved Player: Pancakelover

Thread: Servers, Plugins, Sixes/Highlander changes, Staff, BearCasts, Summer Cups and Upcoming Seasons!

enter image description here

Thread: ozfortress Ban Appeals

they only said gg man unban them
he just said gg

Thread: ozfortress bans: mef/thughunter, amiibo king & bubsdoge

can i play