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Thread: Sixes Autumn '24 - Final Placements
multi Sixes Head Admin


You can see the Player Restrictions here. Seedings are listed in order, with all divisions making use of our standard Round Robin.

Please note: initial seedings on the League Table will be inaccurate for Upper Divisions to better distribute “important” matches as discussed here. Expect matches to be generated very soon.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns, please visit our Discord's support category.


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Thread: Autumn '24 Sixes and Highlander Signups are now Open!
multi Sixes Head Admin

Autumn Banner

Autumn '24 Signups are now open!

That's right, you can sign up to compete in the upcoming Autumn seasons of Sixes and Highlander as of right now! We have respective league pages below for both formats; make sure to give these a read as they include some significant changes!

Thread: Template for Mentor expression of interest
multi Sixes Head Admin

Note: Your submission can only be seen by the ozfortress league administration team and yourself. The more effort the better.

When submitting an application, use this template:

Discord ID (eg. @coreobs):

TF2 Background:

Previous Experience (If applicable):

Why do you want to act as a mentor for new players:

What do you believe your areas of strength would be as a mentor:

Submit your application HERE!
Thread: Template for New Player Experience Team applications
multi Sixes Head Admin

Please see our "Join us!" page for more information!

Note: Your submission can only be seen by the ozfortress league administration team and yourself. The more effort the better.

When submitting an application, use this template:

Discord ID (eg. @coreobs):

TF2 Background:

Previous Experience (If applicable):

Why do you want to join the ozfortress new player experience team? What do you aim to bring to the team:

Which part(s) of the new player experience would be a priority for you as a member of the team:

Submit your application HERE!
Thread: Congratulations to the Sixes Spring '23 Champions!
multi Sixes Head Admin

Congratulations to our Spring '23 Season Champions Star Wars™, who resisted the late surge of Struck Minds (led by Season MVP robor) to be crowned Season Champions. A massive thank you to everybody who participated this season and shoutout to dezi for creating the post-season award graphics.

Now that Spring '23 has concluded, and with Autumn '24 just around the corner, don't forget to:

  • read about the Upper Division format changes here
  • vote in the post-season poll here

You can view the full Sixes Spring '23 awards here.

Thread: Sixes Spring '23 - Champions & Awards!
multi Sixes Head Admin

Congratulations Premier champions Star Wars™!

Star Wars™ defeated Struck Minds 3 - 2 (match thread).

Sunshine: 5 - 0
Gullywash: 5 - 1
Product: 2 - 3
Bagel: 1 - 3
Snakewater: 3 - 2


Star Wars™
Struck Minds


Best Combo Scout: robor
Best Flank Scout: silvo
Best Pocket: conor
Best Roamer: AUZ and down
Best Demoman: enrith and matttt
Best Medic: Doge.exe has stopped working
Best Utility: AUZ

Most Improved Player: adam
Most Valuable Player: robor
Friendliest Team: Terrible Tactics
Most Improved Team: 4EGGS
Best Dressed Team: 4EGGS

Best Caster: Mikcow

Congratulations High champions Ready Steady Tax Evasion!

Ready Steady Tax Evasion defeated 6Sins 2 - 1 (match thread).

Reckoner: 2 - 3
Product: 3 - 2
Snakewater: 5 - 2


Ready Steady Tax Evasion


Best Combo Scout: Doctrine
Best Flank Scout: Susu
Best Pocket: Rei
Best Roamer: hif
Best Demoman: doc
Best Medic: freaky
Best Utility: Doctrine

Most Improved Player: Corn
Most Valuable Player: Rei
Friendliest Team: Moneyball
Most Improved Team: S.S.S
Best Dressed Team: 6Sins and Mammoth.

Best Caster: Elmo. and freaky

Congratulations Intermediate champions 6pack!

6pack defeated Spare No Opps 2 - 0 (match thread).

Clearcut: 3 - 2
Sunshine: 3 - 2


Spare No Opps
good grief


Best Combo Scout: fluro
Best Flank Scout: Wergy
Best Pocket: Winter
Best Roamer: jv
Best Demoman: bill
Best Medic: ziah
Best Utility: Catman and eunsoo

Most Improved Player: waves
Most Valuable Player: fluro
Friendliest Team: 6pack
Most Improved Team: good grief
Best Dressed Team: DLLM

Best Caster: freaky

Congratulations Main champions Dysxleia!

Dysxleia defeated Ferraracados 2 - 0 (match thread).

Snakewater: 4 - 2
Bagel: 3 - 1


Place Holder


Best Combo Scout: Jdn
Best Flank Scout: Tenous and xanny
Best Pocket: TUX
Best Roamer: Sassy
Best Demoman: Hawk
Best Medic: Cab
Best Utility: xanny

Most Improved Player: nyzz
Most Valuable Player: Jdn
Friendliest Team: Should Be Studying
Most Improved Team: Dysxleia
Best Dressed Team: 6 pack of metal straws

Best Caster: Ghost

Congratulations Open champions Talking Tom and Friends!

Talking Tom and Friends defeated taking my gamer medicine (games) 2 - 0 (match thread).

Clearcut: 3 - 1
Process: 4 - 1


Talking Tom and Friends
taking my gamer medicine (games)
Gura's Gawrdians


Best Combo Scout: Alsmacko
Best Flank Scout: seiran
Best Pocket: Cymboll
Best Roamer: fuck it, we ball and Gazza
Best Demoman: chonk and dezi
Best Medic: a festive fish
Best Utility: Shigbeard

Most Improved Player: fuck it, we ball
Most Valuable Player: dezi
Friendliest Team: Gura's Gawrdians
Most Improved Team: taking my gamer medicine (games)
Best Dressed Team: Talking Tom and Friends

Best Caster: Mikcow

Thread: ozfortress Autumn '24 Ruleset Update
multi Sixes Head Admin

In case you missed it

  • The Fours Summer Cup ‘24 signups are currently open. Read more here.
  • The Sixes Summer '23 Post-Season Poll is currently open. Read more here.

Docs Organisation

A few general changes have been made to the ozfortress Docs site. Of particular note:

  • The Transfers documentation page has been moved to League Info.
  • Player bans can now be found under the Ban History page in League Info.
  • Map history has been updated, including very old competitions.

Autumn '24 Ruleset Update

The Global, Highlander, and Sixes ruleset have all been rewritten to improve general clarity and relevance to modern ozfortress competitions. The vast majority of rules have been consolidated within the Global ruleset with format-specific rulesets only containing, you guessed it, format-related rules.

If any errors or issues are found in the new rulesets, please reach out to me (multi) on Discord (@canyouprovethatimdriving).

A brief summary of notable rule additions and changes are listed below, however, given the scope of the changes, we encourage all players explore the new rulesets in their entirety.

Rule Additions

Rule Adjustments

Thread: Signup Dates, New Staff, Sixes Format Changes, and the Sixes Spring ‘23 Post-Season Poll
multi Sixes Head Admin

Autumn ‘24 Signups Date

We wanted to provide you all with an update on Autumn ‘24 Signups. Signups for both Sixes and Highlander Autumn ‘24 will be opening on Wednesday the 24th of January 2024. This should allow for everyone to return from LAN and organise their Fours teams without distraction.

Wednesday 24th January 2024: Signups Open
Wednesday 7th February 2024: Signups Close, Rosters Locked for Seedings
Friday 9th February 2024: Seedings Released, Rosters Unlocked (for Transfer Windows)
Sunday 11th February 2024: Sixes season starts
Wednesday 14th February 2024: Highlander season starts

Sixes League Staff Changes

In case you missed it, late last year we welcomed Celph and Hawk to the Sixes team. We now have two new additions to the team, emgee and HUNGRY.4.EGGS. Both players bring with them a wealth of experience, and their inclusions reflects our continued commitment to bolstering the Sixes Admin team in preparation for a big 2024. We do, however, say goodbye to a team of ants in his prime who is stepping down. ants has contributed tremendously to the league, including his stint as the Head Sixes Admin, and we thank him for all his hard work.

The Sixes Autumn ‘24 Admin Team is:

Head Sixes Admin: multi

Upper Division (Premier/High) Admins:

  • emgee
  • Hawk
  • wils

Lower Division (Intermediate/Main/Open) Admins:

  • Celph
  • down
  • Raina

Art Team Changes

We would also like to welcome dezi to the Art Team! He has been hard at work on our Spring ‘23 Awards, and we’re excited to show off his hard work soon.

With bigger events planned this year and beyond, expanding our Art Team with talented artists and designers will be crucial. We are blessed to have so many artistic individuals in our community, so if that’s you apply for the Art Team here.

Upper Division Format Changes

Sixes Autumn ‘24 will see significant changes to how our Upper Divisions are run. This includes a shift to regular season pick/ban as well as a complete overhaul of the playoffs system. You can read about these changes in detail here, and provide any feedback through the poll as discussed below.

Sixes Post-Season Poll

This post-season poll is shorter than most, making it easier than ever for you to provide feedback. The poll includes an opportunity for feedback regarding the Upper division format changes, as well as proposed changes for the Lower divisions surrounding the map pool and progressive timer.

Complete the Sixes Spring ‘23 Post-Season Poll here.

Speaking of the map pool, have you done your map vote as described here? Every vote counts, so make sure you get yours in before voting closes on Sunday the 21st of January 2024.

Still to Come

There are several things still to come, including the Highlander Staff Changes and the major ruleset refactor, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thread: Sixes Autumn '24 (S39) - Upper Division Format Changes
multi Sixes Head Admin

Format Overhaul: A Brief Introduction

Please note, these changes are only for the Upper Divisions (Premier/High).

When seeking to overhaul the seasonal league format for our Upper Divisions, there were several key considerations:

  • How can we create a Playoffs system such that all teams can participate?
  • Subsequently, how can we ensure that Regular Season matches still have value?
  • How can we create greater opportunities to promote our competitions?

A small group of Premier veterans were presented with these priorities and some starting ideas. However, through extensive conversation and the identification of additional priorities, the following overhaul took shape.

Whilst this overhaul is significant, we are excited for its introduction and are committed to iterating on its strengths and weaknesses in subsequent seasons.

Regular Season


  • Map pool remaining at nine maps.
    • Although a slightly larger map pool was considered, it makes the newly introduced higher seed map pick advantage too strong.
  • Seven week round robin.
    • The new Playoff system would allow us to shorten the regular season in future if desired.


  • Seedings will be purposefully reordered on the website to better distribute “important” matches.
  • One round will be generated at a time to minimise teams not caring about “impossible” games.
  • Pick/ban will be implemented in place of specified maps.
    • Four maps per round, each team bans one map and the remaining two maps are played.
    • This reduces map rotation randomness, putting teams more in control of their final seeding.



  • Playoffs are now played using the AFL final eight system.
    • All eight teams participate in Playoffs.
    • The top four seeds only need to win two games to make the Grand Final; the bottom four seeds have to win three games.
  • BO3 map pick advantage (see below)
    • The higher seeded team gets a map pick before bans happen.
    • More bans favours the lower seeded team, offsetting the map pick advantage slightly.
  • BO5 pick/ban order changed (see below)
    • No advantage given to either team due to being combined with the AFL final eight system.
    • Fifth map is what remains in the pool.
  • Premier Grand Final played on a pre-determined day.
    • This helps with promotion and will be announced alongside the season announcement.
    • At this stage, the date is set as Sunday the 21st of April.

BO3 Pick/Ban Order
enter image description here

BO5 Pick/Ban Order
enter image description here

Thread: Sixes Autumn '24 (S39) - Creating a Team and Signing Up
multi Sixes Head Admin

Autumn Banner

Creating a Team and Signing Up

On the ozfortress website, captains can create Teams using the "Start Team" button on the Teams page. Once created, captains can invite players to the team. Team invites are shown on a player's profile, which can be accessed by clicking on your name next to the bell on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Teams provide a pool of players that can be signed up for a tournament. Players may be in the pool for multiple teams but only one active roster for any given tournament. Captains may sign up a roster for tournaments under the league page.

By signing up, you acknowledge that you may be placed in any division the administrators deem fit for your roster, and thus your entire team should be reasonable in their expectations on division placement. We will endeavour to let teams know of changes in initial seedings before the final release. Please ensure you specify the division you truly believe your team should be in, this will make it easier for administrators to consult with you on your seeding. Along with selecting your desired division, please also list who you expect to play, and what class/role. We've left a template below, please include it in your signup application's description.

Captain Discord Handles:

Once you've signed up your team, your part is done. Don't worry if you didn't find backups in time, you can always transfer one onto your team in one of the Transfer Windows. See the Transfers information page for more info on Transfers, and the Transfers Window page for when these windows are.

Please ensure you have enough backups to last the entire season; teams are allowed a maximum of ten (10) players rostered.