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In case you missed it

  • The Fours Summer Cup ‘24 signups are currently open. Read more here.
  • The Sixes Summer '23 Post-Season Poll is currently open. Read more here.

Docs Organisation

A few general changes have been made to the ozfortress Docs site. Of particular note:

  • The Transfers documentation page has been moved to League Info.
  • Player bans can now be found under the Ban History page in League Info.
  • Map history has been updated, including very old competitions.

Autumn '24 Ruleset Update

The Global, Highlander, and Sixes ruleset have all been rewritten to improve general clarity and relevance to modern ozfortress competitions. The vast majority of rules have been consolidated within the Global ruleset with format-specific rulesets only containing, you guessed it, format-related rules.

If any errors or issues are found in the new rulesets, please reach out to me (multi) on Discord (@canyouprovethatimdriving).

A brief summary of notable rule additions and changes are listed below, however, given the scope of the changes, we encourage all players explore the new rulesets in their entirety.

Rule Additions

Rule Adjustments