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Our transfer system operates by approving transfers on a weekly basis. Teams can initiate player transfers at any point during the season, however, these transfers are processed and approved after the conclusion of the current round.

In order for a transferred player to be eligible to play in a particular round, the transfer request must be submitted prior to the commencement of that round. If the transfer has not been processed, this player must be approved for usage as a mercenary.

Transfers are subject to the rules outlined here in the Global Ruleset. In short:

  • Teams may transfer a maximum of one player into their roster during each round.
  • Teams may transfer a maximum of four players into their roster during the season.
  • There are no limitations on the number of players that can be transferred out of a roster.

Transfer Window 1 (Round 1)

Sunday 11th February - Saturday 17th February 2024

Transfer Window 2 (Round 2)

Sunday 18th February - Saturday 24th February 2024

Transfer Window 3 (Round 3)

Sunday 25th February - Saturday 2nd March 2024

Transfer Window 4 (Round 4)

Sunday 3rd March - Saturday 9th March 2024

Transfer Window 5 (Round 5)

Sunday 10th March - Saturday 16th March 2024

Transfer Window 6 (Round 6)

Sunday 17th March - Saturday 23rd March 2024

Roster Lock applied Saturday 23rd March 2024

After Transfer Window 6, players no longer may be transferred into or out of an active roster.