aka JLR
Joined on Sat Feb 9 2019

I have played combo soldier, pocket scout, and flank soldier.
Competitive History
Summer Cup 2020 - seasoned raw eggs (roamer), Div 4, 7th
OZF S30 - Admin Abusers (roamer), Open, 4th
Autumn Cup 2021 - Phee Phi Pho Phum (pocket soldier), Div 4, 2nd
OZF S31 - Phee Phi Pho Phum (best roamer), Open, 1st
Ozfortress Winter League 21 - Phices (combo scout), Div 4, 3rd
RSL 10 - CURSED (soldier), Main, 3rd
OZF S32 - Phices (best pocket soldier), Main, 1st
CappingTV Summer Brawl 2022 - Terrible Tactics (soldier), Intermediate, 3rd
OZF S33 - Terrible Tactics (pocket + roaming soldier), Intermediate, 7th


dott has played in 8 leagues:

CappingTV Summer Brawl 2022 ozfortress season 33 ozfortress season 32
  • Joined Phices in Main on Tue Oct 5 21:51:38 2021
ozfortress winter league 2021 ozfortress season 31 ozfortress Autumn Cup 2021 ozfortress season 30 ozfortress Summer Cup 2021
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GGs was fun.

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ggs everyone, had fun :)