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snazzy - Today at 10:15 AM
i dont like dev
can i be captain of the dev hate club

kenneth [2/8/2016 7:06 PM]: tf2 ded gaem

catfish [11:48 AM]
Don't think so but don't quote me on that

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Thread: fav hat
/dev/zero Administrator and Developer

Lo-Fi Longwave, the only rare hat I have...

Thread: Ultiduo 11 Results!
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Congratulations Ultiduo 11 winners Sam and Max!


koth_ultiduo_r_b7 - 2 - 0

Congratulations Sam and Max! Hertz and Dreams fought bravely, with sick surfs and huge airshots, but were unable to defeat the powerful pair of rky and Sam. We had a great turnout of 47 teams, 2 of them being outside of Oceania!

Thank you to all the participants for playing and support staff that helped make this tournament possible! Have a short but well-deserved break and we'll see you again in OZF 19!


1st - Sam and Max
2nd - idkman
3rd/4th - Terry Curtis' Gang Of Aspiring Scholarship Biology Nerds/ weenie