ozfortress Highlander Season 3

Intermediate - Round #1

The Bakes Team
Home Team
Significant Otter
Away Team
.Bakes Captain Retired League Admin
♪.Beats Captain
Rainy Highlander League Admin
Kai Highlander League Admin
woozy Captain
Fade Captain
Hawk League Admin
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Match Communications (Match Comms)
Kai Highlander League Admin lipSnoT

We are deliberating playing either Friday 8 or Saturday 8, will update once confirmed

Kai Highlander League Admin lipSnoT

Confirmed with Beats for Saturday 8PM

https://ozfortress.com/users/4436 to play heavy for Beats pending roster transfer window opening

Sperkle Media Coordinator & Highlander League Admin

2 Players on significant otter had above 150 ping on tonight's server. After checking a demo they have had below 150 ping in the past. I granted them permission to play.

Kai Highlander League Admin lipSnoT

Upward 1-0 to Significant Otter

Warmtic 3-2 to The Bakes Team

GG's and see you week 4!

core League Director

For both teams' future reference: Hiding sticky traps or buildings inside of props or geometry where their visual collision and physical collision do not match is considered an exploit. No punishments will be given in this instance as it was not adequately documented within our rules. If you wish to see it there now, you can look at 6.1.2. Game Mechanic Exploits within the Global Ruleset to see it documented with an example that is applicable to this match. We'll also be making everyone aware via the following passage from our upcoming news post on rule changes:

6.1.2. Game Mechanic Exploits: We've added/updated this section to make it clear that any sticky trap or building hidden inside of a prop or geometry where its visual collision and physical collision do not match up is considered an exploit. This rule has been an undocumented hang-around rule from back in the UGC era, so we're making sure it is properly documented before punishing it for its usage.

Post Guidelines

Please ensure your posts in Match Communications does not contain the following:

  • Anything unrelated to the match. This is an infractable offence.
  • Anything that violates our Community Guidelines.
Expected Match Details

Your Match Communications should (by the end of that round) contain:

  • The agreed upon, scheduled match day and time.
  • Indication as to which team won what map.
  • logs.tf links for each map, which you can find easily via your ozfortress.com profile.
  • Any mercenaries used within the match (it is expected that each team declares their approved mercenaries here).