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Big earner rat, degenerate tomislav user, known feeder

I fucking love pancakes


Pancakelover has played in 9 leagues:

ozfortress Highlander Autumn '24 (S6) ozfortress Highlander Spring '23 (S5) ozfortress Experimental Cup 2 ozfortress Sixes Season 37
  • Joined Boykissers in Main on Mon May 29 09:26:35 2023
ozfortress Highlander Season 4
  • Joined Boykissers in Open on Sat May 27 01:54:38 2023
ozfortress Highlander Season 3 ozfortress Highlander Season 2
  • Joined curse free in Main on Wed Oct 5 22:11:43 2022
ozfortress Highlander Season 1 ozfortress Sixes Season 29
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Thread: Hello, i am new to the comp scene

I wanna learn how to play. can i jump right in a team or do i have to do something else first?