ozfortress season 30

Open - Round #4

dm lords
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hidden captain
Shigbeard captain
snow captain
Krocz captain
klebs captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

We can't play any days other than Wednesday or Thursday this week. We also can only play 8pm or 9pm, no 7pms. What times work for you?

Also can we use a Qix server? I know most people just use qix anyway but I'm supposed to get a confirmation.

hidden captain dm lords

Can we merc https://ozfortress.com/users/3047 for flank scout

hidden captain dm lords

We can do Wednesday, time is being decided

Krocz captain dm lords

don't really need to ask for confirmation since everyone uses Qix anyway but sure

We are happy to play Wednesday 8pm

We want to merc https://ozfortress.com/users/3047

I'm not too sure about this one, I have my reasons for being uncertain so I'm putting it to a vote for my team. We'll have a response for you by tomorrow, if that's ok.

With this merc in mind, I really need to check if Qix is ok. In summercup they had issues with connecting to qix servers so I want to make sure we don't have to play on ozf servers.

EDIT: Didn't see your edit until now.
EDIT EDIT: didn't see it wasnt an edit, im dumb and tired.

We do not approve Submarine https://ozfortress.com/users/3047 as a merc. My team has cited his lack of comp history, his recent experience against (mostly) our team in the Summer Cup, and if i remember correctly he is an asia player, and has high ping unless its an ozfortress server. We don't want to play against that.

Feel free to request somebody else.

hidden captain dm lords
hidden captain dm lords

Can we play Thrusday 8, Our merc can't play Wednesday 8


reckoner 4-0 to dm lords https://logs.tf/2848475 https://demos.tf/587819
product 3-0 to dm lords https://logs.tf/2848497 https://demos.tf/587825

Sorry for the scuffed official boys. IK you say we paused 4 times but it was just 3, the admin's pause doesnt count. But in any case you guys won so it doesnt matter.

hidden captain dm lords

yeah ggs. gl this season