ozfortress season 30

Intermediate - Round #1

Terrible Tactics
Home Team
involuntary social distancers
Away Team
Optivex captain
nicholas captain
♪.Beats captain
berto captain
7Buggs captain
Wirthy captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

not sure who 2 add but can we play thursday? 8/9 don’t really mind

Hey mate, add me if you like :)
Discussing with the team but Thursdays are usually pretty good for us.

Thursday at 9 is good for us. Ready to confirm.

will confirm with 1 player before i confirm it "properly"

yea confirmed, cu@

Process: 2-4 ISD https://logs.tf/2826214#76561198049556321
Granary: 1-4 ISD https://logs.tf/2826233#76561198049556321
Ggs guys! Wp and gl for the rest of the season.

ggs gl with yr season

gg thank you for the match!!! :)