Season 16: Intermediate

#7: Sunday Roast 6s vs %teamname%

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Please organise this.

thursday 9?

whoops typo i meant to suggest tuesday 9

Tuesday 9 should be good, cheers

Mercing Yauch on scout

7:15 PM - Zildjian: yo
7:16 PM - Zildjian: could we merc yauch on scout?
7:16 PM - nope: what day are we even playing lmao
7:16 PM - nope: nvm you responded on citadel
7:16 PM - nope: um
7:17 PM - Zildjian: yea soz about silence
7:17 PM - nope: its ok
7:18 PM - nope: yeah i guess use yauch if you need to
7:18 PM - Zildjian: yea westpacs not around tomorrow
7:18 PM - nope: nw
7:18 PM - Zildjian: thanks mate
7:18 PM - nope: kk
7:18 PM - nope: np see you then

yeah sorry boys. uni's got me by the balls.

gg boys sorry about the pauses and lag issues

we allowed them to merc redhawk for some of the first game as well and obla okayed them having two mercs

we merced pique 3-2 gully 5-0 badlands