ozfortress Sixes Season 21

Intermediate - Round #1

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Away Team
meow captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms
obla Retired League Director/Head Administrator

Hi all, welcome to OZF 21!

Your bracket's League Administrators are catfish and wiggin. Instead of directly messaging your administrator(s), please use #help in the ozfortress Discord for support and any questions, where all online administrators will be of aid. Your bracket administrator(s) will be handling your transfers and matches.

Captains, please make sure you submit/confirm scores after every round before Thursday night! If possible, do it immediately after your match so you won't forget. The organisational deadline for all matches is Sunday 7:00 PM Sydney Time (AEDT) of each week.

Enjoy the season and see you on the battlefield!

catfish Administrator & Head of Anti-Cheat

Please organise this.

Confirmed thurs @9

silvodox: can we use luggnutts tonight
silvodox: http://steamcommunity.com/id/AutisticMemes/
silvodox: ?
Calski: yeah sure man
Calski: sory didnt see message
silvodox: alg but thanks!

7:09 PM - Calski: Can we use keller for our match as a merc?
7:09 PM - silvodox: yes.

8:19 PM - Calski: can we use serpaph as merc for pocket?
8:19 PM - silvodox: ye u can
8:19 PM - silvodox: van said so

8:11 PM - Calski: we got a sub but i dont know how long it takes for it to count as a sub transfer
8:11 PM - catfish: second merc being allow, can be anyone but has to go through the standard other team check first and run it by me too
8:11 PM - Calski: thanks heaps man
8:12 PM - catfish: *allowed


gg guys

catfish Administrator & Head of Anti-Cheat

Please remember to confirm scores.

i think we're waiting on them

worthless win 4 - 2 process
worthless win 5 - 3 snakewater