ozfortress: A Midsummer Night's Cup 1 2018

Open - #1

Plan Z
Home Team
Medic took 8
Away Team
Z | Etrikarn Captain
inStinct Trial Sixes Admin
Mikcow Captain
  • cp_sdnaldab_ozfortress
    Plan Z beat Medic took 8, 6 to 1
  • Shared Availability
    Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday
    Match Communications (Match Comms)
    catfish League Director & Head of Anti-Cheat


    cp_sdnaldab_ozfortress: Click to download
    cp_yranarg_ozfortress: Click to download
    Prolands: Updated from b2b to b3b.

    Use the above links or use this map pack provided here for your convenience.

    catfish League Director & Head of Anti-Cheat

    All captains or important players have been assigned a Captaincy role in the ozfortress Discord. If you are a captain and have not been assigned this role, please let your bracket administrator know via Discord. If you are not a captain and have this role, it is because your captain is not in the Discord. Please monitor the Summer Cup channels in the ozfortress category.

    All players, please monitor the #summer-cup-notifs channel in the ozfortress Discord.

    Etrikarn is away so I need captain status in order to submit/confirm scores

    obla Retired League Director

    Given, please join the ozfortress Discord so I can give you status.

    In OZF discord under same alias

    Post Guidelines

    Please ensure your posts in Match Communications does not contain the following:

    • Anything unrelated to the match. This is an infractable offence.
    • Anything that violates our Community Guidelines.
    Expected Match Details

    Your Match Communications should (by the end of that round) contain:

    • The agreed upon, scheduled match day and time.
    • Indication as to which team won what map.
    • logs.tf links for each map, which you can find easily via your ozfortress.com profile.
    • Any mercenaries used within the match (it is expected that each team declares their approved mercenaries here).