Season 17: Intermediate

#6: Requiem vs Torquesquad Reformed

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Thursday
Match Comms
Administrator, Retired League Director

Please start organising this even though the round runs over two weeks.

would greatly prefer if this was this week.

thurs 9 preferred, wed 9 can work

Thurs 9 should work

snazzy: hey
redja: Whatsup
snazzy: idk if i have enough players for tonight
snazzy: does any other day wrok for you?
redja: :o
redja: Will they allow an extention tho
snazzy: its a 2 week match
snazzy: because of uni exams and shit
redja: :o
redja: Do u wana do next thurs @8 then?
snazzy: yeah thats probably okay
snazzy: ill slot that in
redja: Alright ._.
snazzy: yeah sorry about that

not the best for me but next week probably better for my team so


connect; password tekken;

Hello? ._.

Administrator, Retired League Director

25 minutes after scheduled time and Torquesquad Reformed has not shown up.

FFW to Requiem

enter image description here

its OVA