ozfortress season 28

High - Round #5

white noise
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Away Team
weed liz captain
T3 captain
sunbear captain
bitvolt captain
Tes1a captain
idi na hui captain
adolo captain
Hawk League Administrator
omni captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

dude i warmed up for 40 minutes for this game this is so frustrating, unacceptable at this point. honestly, our scrims go for 90 minutes MINIMUM. this length of a scrim is quite honestly a waste of our time, you guys are so cringe, who cares if you need to play an asiafort grand final tell them to wait, seriously.

thursday 9?

T3 captain white noise

In discussions for Tuesday 9

T3 captain white noise

Confirmed Tuesday 9

which creature said yes to casting this?

T3 captain white noise

product 3-1 braincells http://logs.tf/2598056#76561198128711847
gullywash 4-1 braincells http://logs.tf/2598068#76561198128711847

gullywash - http://logs.tf/2598068#76561198193802859|
product - http://logs.tf/2598056#76561198193802859

hope all goes well for you guys in the next few games pre finals