ozfortress Sixes Season 26

Premier - Round #5

Home Team
The Older Gamers
Away Team
Michael captain
Elmo. Highlander Restriction/s
Rei Sixes Restriction/s
Face. Sixes Restriction/s
  • cp_process_final
    <>< lost to The Older Gamers, 0 to 5
  • cp_kalinka_rc5
    <>< lost to The Older Gamers, 4 to 5
  • Availability
    Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Match Comms

    Hey guys, we can do Monday or Thursday this coming week. Either of them work for you?

    Michael captain <><

    Thursday is good for us, 9 preferably

    Can do Thursday at 9 ez, see you there!

    Michael captain <><

    Process 5-0 to TOG http://logs.tf/2403995
    Kalinka 5-4 to TOG http://logs.tf/2404000 http://logs.tf/2404012