Season 22: Open

#7: Uber Beets vs Usual Suspects

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Monday 9?


can we do earlier, maybe 7-8

7 is not really viable. 8 is doable kinda but would have to use subs due to highlander. Add me on steam we can discuss there

Please organize this ASAP.

I sent you some messages on Steam earlier today, if you could check those out so we can organise that'd be good

Thug Cowboy: The reason I wanna do 9 is me and another player leave on holiday the next day for a week so wanna be able to play 1 more match
Thug Cowboy: And some of our players have hl at 8. Ik it seems like I'm being unreasonable but I'll allow a Merc if needed just wanna play this match before I leave
Audax: alright ive convinced the kiwis on the team to stay up, 9pm Tuesday confirmed


clarification, monday not tuesday

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