ozfortress Sixes Season 22

Intermediate - Round #4

Rocket Division
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mune kei Captain
garbo Captain
Fozzlm Retired League Admin & Media Coordinator
emgee Sixes League Admin
/dev/zero Staff, Developer & Patron
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Tuesday
Match Communications (Match Comms)
YAUCH Retired League Admin

hello we play tuesday wednesday thursday but thursday is most desirable

Tuesday 9pm is our best

We can play sunday monday and tuesday while tuesday seems to be a common day for both of us.

Ill also appreciate it if you guys responded faster since I want to get this sorted before 7pm

obla Retired League Director

Please organise this.

yea tuesday 9

YAUCH Retired League Admin
obla Retired League Director

Friendly reminder that tactical pauses are not permitted under the ozfortress seasonal league ruleset. Pauses are for technical issues only as per Rule 4.4.


Wasn't a tactical pause, my mic was playing up.

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  • Indication as to which team won what map.
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